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How do you remove a TV and mount from your wall?

Do you want to hang another TV on the mount or remove the mount from the wall completely? In this article, we'll explain how you do that in 5 steps.

Remove TV and wall mount in 5 steps

Remove TV

Removing your TV and wall mount will take about 30 minutes. We recommend that you ask someone for help.

  • Step 1. Remove the cables from your TV
  • Step 2. Remove the protection
  • Step 3. Lift the TV off the mount
  • Step 4. Unscrew the mount
  • Step 5. Close the holes

Step 1: remove the cables from your TV

Remove cables

First, remove all cables from the TV. This way, you can prevent it from getting caught when you take it off the bracket. Are there devices nearby? Place them at a distance so they don't get in the way.

Step 2: remove the protection

Remove lock

The TV is usually secured to the mount by a protective element. This is a pin or elongated plate that passes through an opening or slot in the bracket. Gently pull it out of the bracket.

Step 3: lift the TV off the mount

Unscrew frames

With 2 people, lift the television off the mount. Place the TV flat on a sofa or rug. Unscrew the frames of the mount from the TV.

Step 4: remove the mount


First, remove the covers. Next, unscrew the screws from the mount while someone else is holding the mount. You can then remove the mount from the wall and put it away. Are there plugs in the wall? Remove those.

Step 5: close the holes

Holes in the wall

Put a little putty on a putty knife and press the putty into the holes with the knife. Wipe off the excess with a different, wet putty knife. Once it's dry, sand this part with sandpaper.

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