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5 tips to improve your GPS signal

Your sports watch use GPS to determine your speed, the distance traveled, and your route. If your sports watch has problems with making a GPS connection, this can have multiple causes. Tip: turn on training mode earlier and stand still while the watch connects. This article gives you 5 tips to optimize the connection.

Tip 1. Update your software

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Make sure the software of the sports watch is up to date. On your watch's matching online or mobile platform, you'll always find the latest update. Do you have a watch with a QuickGPSfix? Then it's helpful to synchronize the watch before your workout, because it'll receive data on which satellite is where at what time. So basically, it'll know where the signal's coming from.

Tip 2. Switch on the training mode

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Most sports watches won't start looking for a GPS signal until you select the training mode. Otherwise, it'll needlessly be using up power. Switch on the training mode during your warmup to get started right away when you're done. Make sure to go outside, though, since GPS doesn't work inside.

Tip 3. Stay still

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Are you already running or cycling while the watch is still looking for a connection? Then it's possible that it won't find any satellites. That's why you should stand still before starting your workout. It might take a few minutes for the watch to find enough satellites. Once it's connected, the watch has an idea of where the GPS signal comes from, so you won't lose your connection as easily.

Tip 4. Put the watch in the air

Smartwatch in the air

Is the watch taking a long time to find a GPS connection. Then it can help to point the watch upwards and hold your arm still. It's also a good idea to walk to an open area, far away from tall buildings and trees. The signal will weaken in an area with a lot of trees or in a city, decreasing the accuracy.

Tip 5. Replace old watches

Smartwatches with GPS

As long as a supplier supports a watch, it'll receive software updates. When a watch no longer receives any updates, your GPS starts to perform poorly, and the above tips don't help, you could consider buying a new watch. Besides an accurate GPS sensor, a new watch model offers more benefits.

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