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Compare the MacBook Pro (2019) to the MacBook Air (2019)

Which one is the best choice, the MacBook Air or the Macbook Pro? In this article, I'll compare the 13-inch MacBook Air to the 13-inch MacBook Pro. The four processor cores of the MacBook Pro are ideal when you regularly edit photos and videos. Do you travel a lot? The compact MacBook Air is a good choice.

Comparison of the Apple MacBook Pro (2019) and the Apple MacBook Air (2019)

MacBook Pro (2019) - basic model MacBook Air (2019) - basic model
Screen Retina Display (2560x1600) with True Tone, Wide Color, and maximum 500 nits brightness Retina Display (2560x1600) with True Tone and maximum 400 nits brightness
Height 1.49cm 0.41 - 1.56cm
Width 30.41cm 30.41cm
Depth 21.24cm 21.24cm
Weight 1.37kg 1.25kg
Processor 8th generation Intel Core Quad Core i5 (1.4GHz) 8th generation Intel Core Dual Core i5 (1.6GHz)
Battery life 10 hours 12 hours
Video card Intel Iris Plus Graphics 645 Intel UHD Graphics 617


Screen MacBook Pro

Crystal-clear Retina screen with Wide Color

The clear Retina screen of the MacBook Pro has a resolution of 2560x1600. In addition, the screen has Wide Color technology, which gives you a larger color range. This is very nice for image editing, because you can see details and colors well. The high resolution ensures that you have a lot of space on the screen. This is useful when you have many windows open.

Screen MacBook Air

Just as clear, but with fewer colors

The screen of the MacBook Air has the same resolution as the screen of the MacBook Pro. Your work can be just as detailed and take up the same amount of space. The biggest difference is in the brightness and color range. The MacBook Air does not support Wide Color and the maximum brightness is 400 nits. You won't notice that during everyday use, though.


Dimensions MacBook Pro

Big in a small casing

Despite the graphic power, the 13-inch MacBook Pro is still compact. It's only 12 grams heavier than the MacBook Air. The difference is almost unnoticeable. Do you work on your graphic projects on the go a lot? The 13-inch MacBook is a good choice.

Dimensions MacBook Air

Always fits in your bag

You can easily take the Apple MacBook Air with you. Apple's lightest laptop only weighs 1.25kg. It's also very thin, so you'll always have room in your bag. That's very useful if you travel a lot.


Processor MacBook Pro

Graphic powerhouse

The Apple MacBook Pro distinguishes itself primarily by its computing power. Because the MacBook Pro has 4 processor cores, you can easily run demanding programs like Photoshop. The integrated video card is also a bit faster than the video card of the MacBook Air. If you want, you can upgrade the standard i5 processor to a faster i7 processor, so you can edit videos.

Processor MacBook Air

Suitable for all your daily tasks

The MacBook Air isn't suitable for demanding tasks. Its processor isn't as powerful. If you don't intend to edit photos on MacBook, that's not a problem. The integrated video card is also slightly less powerful. You can't play Fortnite on this laptop.

Battery life

Battery life MacBook Pro

Enough for a working day

The MacBook Pro lasts around 10 hours with normal use. When running more demanding programs, the battery lasts a little less. In general, you can use the MacBook Pro a full working day.

Battery life Macbook Air

All day without a charger

Even though the MacBook Air is less powerful than the MacBook Pro, the battery lasts a little longer. The processor is also slightly more efficient. That's why you can use the MacBook Air for 12 hours without charging.


Both of these MacBook models are easy to transport and have a long battery life. The MacBook Air is slightly more suitable if you're on the go a lot and don't use demanding programs. If you also want to edit photos and videos on the go, choose MacBook Pro.

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