Written by Laurence

What do I need to optimally watch sports?

These days, you don't have to be located in the stadium to fully experience a sports competition. With the right television, each moment of action is depicted perfectly sharp and smooth. On this page, I'll explain which specification are best for a sports TV.

High refresh rate

In most sports, fast movements can be the difference between winning or losing. Think of a feint made by a boxer, or the service of a tennis player. That's why its important to have a 100Hz television. A TV with this refresh rate is able to show 100 images, also known as frames, per second. This allows each movement to be depicted smoothly.


On a large screen, details such as as football or the players' shirt names can be seen much more clearly. The ideal sports TV is at least 55 inches in size, but don't forget to leave enough distance between you and the TV. When you're sitting too close, you lose overview, causing you to have to closely track each movement with your eyes. This doesn't let you enjoy the game in a relaxed manner. That's why you should choose a smaller size if there's only limited viewing distance.

4K UHD and HDR

At the moment, broadcast networks aren't broadcasting any 4K or HDR content, but they are planning to. That's why it's important that your TV supports these technologies. As soon as a match is broadcast in 4K, details such as facial expressions and beads of sweat will be visible much more clearly. HDR content is known for a wide color gamut and a high screen brightness. This makes the green color of the grass truly come to live.

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