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Release: Samsung The Frame

Are you looking for a TV that doesn't stand out from the pictures and paintings on your wall? If so, the Samsung The Frame is right up your alley. You can buy this TV combined with a frame, thanks to which the screen hardly stands out from your accessories and art on the wall. Samsung has released this TV in 43, 55, and 65-inches models.

Samsung The Frame

When you enter the room for the first time, you probably won't immediately notice The Frame hanging from the wall. Thanks to its flat design and the stylish frame, this TV has the appearance of a painting. This television is delivered with a special 'No Gap' wall mount. This mount makes sures there's no space between the TV and the wall. When you aren't watching TV, the screen will display a painting or photo of your choice. A nice feature if you don't want a black screen hanging around in your room.

The rumors

What rumors have been spread about The Frame these past months? We've listed the most important ones for you.

Integrated sensor

Integrated sensor

4 April 2017 | Bron: samsung.com

Samsung's The Frame has an integrated sensor that adjusts the screen brightness according to its surroundings. Thanks to the realistic lighting, the shown image doesn't resemble a digital image, but a real painting. As soon as the sensor stops detecting movement in the room, the TV automatically turns off. This prevents the TV from consuming more energy than is necessary.

Display paintings and photos

The Frame paintings and photos

23 March 2017 | Bron: cnet.com

When you aren't watching TV, the screen will display a photo or painting of your choice. You can choose from over a 100 different works of art, divided across 10 different categories. Think of landscapes, architecture, or animals. Rather look at your own pictures? Connect a flash drive to the tv, so it can display your saved images.


The Frame SUHD

16 March 2017 | Bron: hdtvtest.co.uk

Samsung's The Frame won't be a QLED, but a SUHD TV, in order to position it as a unique lifestyle accessory, rather than a best-in-class screen. Despite the TV's lack of QLED technology, it effortlessly displays sharp 4K and HDR images.

As a painting on the wall

The Frame painting

15 March 2017 | Bron: homecinemamagazine.nl

The TV is sold in combination with a black, white, or wood-colored frame. This grants the flat design the appearance of a painting. Combined with the 'No Gap' wall mount, you can mount the TV closely to the wall. Similar to a real frame, there won't be any space between the TV and the wall.

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