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Buying a slide-out range hood: what to watch out for?

You can neatly hide a slide-out range hood in your kitchen cabinet so you only see it when cooking. The slide-out screen protrudes under your kitchen cabinet and catches all cooking fumes. When you are not cooking, the screen is hidden and blends nicely into the rest of your kitchen design. In this article I will explain what you should pay attention to before you purchase a slide-out range hood.

Exhaust system

Slide-out range hood

Before choosing a slide-out range hood, first look at the drain system in your home. It is important that your new range hood is suitable for your drain system. You can choose from a model with or without a motor. Not sure which type you need? We are happy to help you make the right choice.


Slide-out range hood

It's important that you measure the dimensions of the kitchen cabinet in which you place the hood. If you don't do this, you have the chance that the range hood does not fit. Measure the niche width, height, and depth. Next, consult the installation drawing on the product page. This way, you know exactly whether the appliance fits in your kitchen or not.

Automatic switch on and off

Switch on slide-out range hood

You turn on slide-out range hoods with the control buttons on the device. However, there are also range hoods that switch on and off automatically. When you pull the screen towards you, the range hood comes on. Have you finished cooking? Push the screen back and the device switches off automatically. This way you avoid unnecessary energy costs.


Recirculation kit

You mount your slide-out range hood in your kitchen cabinet. Use the installation material to secure everything properly. Do you use an exhaust ventilation system? If so, order an exhaust ventilation pipe with the correct diameter to discharge the cooking fumes outside. When you convert the device into a recirculation hood, where fresh air blows back into the room, you need carbon filters or a recirculation set. This is stated on the product page.

Always consult the installation manual of the supplier to install the device.

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