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Which smart home products do you need to save energy?

You can use smart products to save energy at home. You can do this in different ways with different products. In this article, we'll explain what you need to save energy.

Smart thermostat

Smart thermostat

A smart thermostat learns from your behavior. That way, it knows exactly when it has to turn on and off. The smart thermostat also knows when you're not at home and turns the heating off. That means you'll never use the heating unnecessarily and you'll save up to 30% on your energy bill.

Smart radiator knob

With a thermostat knob or radiator thermostat, you can control the room temperature. You can do this very accurately thanks to the app. And since you only heat the rooms that need to be heated, you save even more. Certain thermostat knobs also notice when the window is open. The heating will be turned off, so you save money this way as well.

Smart lights

Smart light sensor

With smart lights, you can save energy by connecting sensors. With a sensor, the lights in a room will never be on unnecessarily. The app from your smart lights knows if you're at home as well. The smart lighting will turn off when you close the door, so you can save energy costs. And finally, you can use timers to automate the lights.

Smart connectors

Smart connector

With a smart plug, you can operate any device remotely. Even when the device itself isn't smart. Did you forget to turn off the coffee machine when you left home? You can turn it off remotely with the plug. A lot of smart plugs also measure the energy consumption of the connected devices. That way, you can quickly tell which devices use a lot of power in standby mode. You can decide to turn those off entirely and save more energy.

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