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What is a smartphone baby monitor and what can you use it for?

Are you considering to buy a smartphone baby monitor or WiFi baby monitor? More and more smartphone baby monitors are released with various extra function. What can they really do? And is it a good replacement for the standard baby monitor? In this article, we'll explain what you can expect form a smartphone baby monitor.

Camera and the app

Camera and app smartphone baby monitors

A smartphone baby monitor is actually only a camera. You can place it in the baby room, about a meter from the crib. all smartphone baby monitors have an app that you can install on your smartphone or tablet. This way, you can transform your smartphone into a parent unit on which you can se your baby. There's also a baby monitor app. With the help of the app on 2 smartphones, you can keep an eye on your baby. You use one smartphone as the baby unit in the bedroom, and the other smartphone as the parent unit where you can see your baby. The downside is that you can't use the smartphone if you use it as a baby unit. It also depends on the coverage in your home if the baby monitor app works well.

Unlimited range

Unlimited range baby monitors

The large upside of a smartphone baby monitor is that you can see your baby anywhere in the world. As long as you have a good wireless internet connection, you have enough range. Are you not at home and do you still want to see your baby? On a 3G or 4G network, these apps also function outside your home. If your WiFi signal at home isn't very strong, you can purchase a WiFi repeater. That repeats the WiFi signal at home, so you always have enough range.

Grandpa and grandma take a look

Many apps of smartphone baby monitors allow for multiple users. Trendy grandparents don't have to miss the very first sounds. They can simply log into the app and see and hear their grandchild prattling. A smartphone baby monitor is also a great solution for family abroad.

Complete baby monitor

Smartphone baby monitors are often very complete. They have lullabies, nightlights, a two-way audio, and they measure the temperature in the baby room. You can easily control all these function via the app. You can control more and more cameras from a distance nowadays. That's useful if your baby moves a lot in their crib.

No additional costs, but a lot of recharging

No additional costs smartphone baby monitor

Don't worry about the phone bill. A smartphone baby monitor doesn't have additional costs. As long as you're connected to the WiFi network, 3G, or 4G, you only pay your regular phone and data casts. Make sure that you don't exceed your data plan when you're connected via 3G or 4G. Because you use your smartphone more, the battery will also run out faster. Make sure you always have a charger or power bank at hand. That way, you can keep an eye on your baby at all times, and you want get any surprises.

Capture beautiful moments

Capture beautiful moments with a smartphone baby monitor

Is your baby prattling in their crib? You want to remember that. But when you got your camera ready, the prattling turned into crying. too bad. With a smartphone baby monitor, you can capture this fun moment. via the app, you can take photos and record videos of the great moments of your child. There are also cameras that can recognize these special moments and record them automatically.

Good replacement for the standard baby monitor?

The smartphone baby monitor is a good replacement for the standard baby monitor if you have a fast and stable WiFi connection. Smartphone baby monitors are often as complete as image baby monitors. They even have some extra functions that other baby monitors don't have. Like unlimited range and the possibility to take photos and record videos. Are you convinced of the upside of a smartphone baby monitor? Check our complete overview of smartphone baby monitors.

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