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Advice on steam generators

Do you regularly iron large amounts of laundry, or do you want to smooth out small loads of laundry quickly as well? In that case, a steam generator may be a good choice for you. The water tank is large, so a lot of water fits in. Additionally, steam generators have high steam production and a high steam burst for a fast, wrinkle-free result. In this article, I'll tell you about the differences between steam generators.

Want to be done ironing fast?

Steam generators to get through your laundry fast

If you want to be done ironing as fast as possible, you'll need high steam production, steam burst, and steam pressure. High steam pressure makes the steam come out of the iron with more force. This creates higher steam production, which means wrinkles often disappear with just 1 movement. Are you ironing tough fabric such as jeans, or running into stubborn wrinkles while ironing? Turn on the steam burst. This will make the steam production rocket, making sure all wrinkles truly disappear.

Regularly iron large amounts of laundry?

Steam generators for ironing large amounts

It's pretty simple: with a large water tank, you can keep ironing for longer. Because of this, you won't need to interrupt your ironing at any point to top up your water. Got so much laundry that the water runs out in the meantime after all? That's no problem when you're using a steam generator that can be refilled during use. In that case, you won't need to switch off the appliance, and you'll keep on ironing right after refilling.

Do you iron dress shirts regularly?

Steam generators for regularly ironing dress shirts

Dress shirts aren't the easiest clothes to smooth out, but there are aids that make ironing them a lot easier. Choose a steam generator with a steam tip. This means the steam holes on the soleplate run all the way up into the tip. This allows you to smooth out the collar on a dress shirt and areas around buttons more easily. Prefer to smooth out your dress shirts by steaming them? In that case, choose a steam generator that's suitable for vertical use.

Ironing delicate fabrics?

Steam generators for ironing delicate fabric

You should treat delicate fabric such as silk with caution. If you want to be sure of a good ironing result without damaging your clothes, a steam generator with an automatic temperature setting is a good idea for you. You can use this to iron any fabric one after the other, without changing settings or temperatures. A tough pair of jeans first and then a delicate silk blouse? No problem, you just keep ironing. This means you won't need to sort the laundry first either.

How do you descale the steam generator?

Descaling your steam cleaner

Steam generators are powered by water and water contains limescale. There are various ways to descale a steam generator. Some generators use a limescale collector or descaling cartridges. It's also possible that you need to start a cleaning program, or do it manually. Want to know more about the various descaling options? Read the advisory article.

Ever forget to shut off the iron?

Steam generator with auto shut-off

If you ever forget to shut off your iron, choose a steam generator with auto shut-off. If you leave this on and don't use it for a while, the steam generator will shut off after several minutes. How fast exactly the steam generator shuts off differs between brands. It also differs between the way you left the iron. If it's on the soleplate, it will shut off faster than when you've put it back on the water tank.

Increasing the lifespan?

Increase your steam generator's lifespan

In order to be guaranteed good ironing results for as long as possible, you'll need to maintain your steam generator now and then. Apart from descaling, it also helps to fill your iron with purified water. To do this, use a water filter. The soleplate, too, requires some attention every once in a while. You can clean it easily using a soft, damp cloth. You should clean the soleplate while it's still lukewarm.

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