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How do I take the best holiday photos?

During your vacation you do not want to be the umpteenth tourist who makes a standard photo of the Tower of Pisa. You want to show an impressive photo report at home. In this article you can read how you choose the right point of view and time. With these 5 tips you make the most beautiful holiday photos.

Tip 1: choose an original point of view

Original position

If you go to a holiday destination with famous sights, it is good to choose a creative corner. If you do not do this, your picture will look like that of many millions of others. For example, if you want to photograph the Eiffel Tower in Paris in an original way, first think carefully about your point of view. Take the picture from behind a statue or rose bush with a view of the Eiffel Tower. That makes your photo a lot more interesting and original.

Tip 2: create depth with the right composition

Create depth

Generally speaking, the rule is: a photo becomes more interesting to look at if there is depth in it. The same applies to holiday photography. Always try to add depth to your holiday photos. You do this by placing an object in the foreground. In a landscape, for example, this is a rock. The mountains are then the middle ground of your composition and the sky is the background. Show off the air when there are beautiful clouds.

Tip 3: shows something of the culture


Upon returning, of course you want to show something of the atmosphere you have tasted there. You bring atmosphere to your photo by taking something characteristic of the country into the image. What works well is adding local elements. This can be residents, food, shops or specific flora and fauna. Are you on holiday in Spain? Then show something of all those cozy tapas bars and the typical Spanish colors.

Tip 4: choose the best lighting

Good lighting

The time at which you photograph has a lot of influence on the final result. If you take pictures in the middle of the day, the lighting is not optimal. Light through the high sun makes the light parts on the photo very light and dark parts very dark. The best time to take pictures is in the 'golden hour'. This is the hour before the sun sets or an hour after the sun has risen. The colors in your photo are much warmer then.

Tip 5: Do not just set off during the day

In the evening on the road

In addition to the beautiful lighting, an advantage can be found earlier or later. With familiar sights it is often very busy during the day, especially during holiday periods. Making a good photo is difficult by all those people. Early in the morning or in the evening it is usually a lot quieter and you have plenty of room to photograph. This way you can be sure that your view is not blocked by tourists in shorts.

Tip 6: make your battery last longer

Laat accu langer meegaan

Do you often have an empty battery when you're on vacation? Extend the life of your battery in a smart way. Lower the brightness of your screen or turn the screen off when you're not using it. In addition, advanced functions such as WiFi, manual focus, and image stabilization use a lot of energy. Turn it off to reduce energy consumption. If you're not going to use the camera for a longer period of time, remove the battery to prevent unnecessary power use.

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