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Tips for making the best airplane photo

The recording of aircraft is a special skill. But it delivers great images if you do it right. Read on quickly to find out which tricks you use to make the best airplane photo. Who knows, you will soon have new material on the wall.

Tip 1: choose the right lens

Right lens

Which lens you use depends on how you want to take the plane on the photo. You use a zoom or telephoto lens if you want to capture the plane in full screen. You need a focal length of about 300-400mm to achieve this. It is important that you use a real telelens for this, otherwise your photos will not be sharp. Some cameras also have a very good optical zoom. In this case you do not need to purchase another lens.

Tip 2: create an interesting picture

Interesting image

Shoot an image that is interesting to watch. Here are different techniques for, such as emphasizing the size of the plane. By involving the environment, such as trees and buildings, you place the aircraft in perspective. Another way to do this is to visualize the aircraft. Put the plane in a small corner on the photo surrounded by large white clouds against a clear blue sky.

Tip 3: record the movement

Capture motion

If you take a picture of a moving object, the movement is usually 'frozen'. This is what the camera does so that your subject comes into focus. But sometimes it is fun to capture the movement, especially with aircraft. You do this by holding the focus while you follow the plane with your camera. Apply this trick when you stand along the runway and take photos of planes that are taking off or landing.

Tip 4: photograph in beautiful light

Beautiful light

Light plays an incredibly important role in photography. When taking airplane photos you only have outside light at your disposal. Only shoot in the afternoon sun if you are dealing with a clear blue sky. If you go out in the golden hour, the sky has beautiful colors and your photo will have a special glow. Always try to shoot with the sun in the back. Otherwise, the image will be overexposed.

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