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The washing machine doesn't drain water

Nothing is as annoying as your washing machine not draining water anumore. You find out through an error code on the display, or because the washing cycle is suddenly taking a long time and the drum is still full of water. The filter or your drain might be clogged, or the drain pump itself might be broken. In this article, you'll read the possible causes and their solutions.

In short

In the table below you can read the common causes and a concise solution. If you want more information, read on. I explain it step by step.

  • ** Clogged filter: ** The filter can get clogged by dust, hair and objects, by cleaning it you solve this problem.
  • ** Clogged drain : ** A blocked drain may cause your washing machine to stop pumping. Fixing this blockage will solve this problem.
  • ** Defective pump: ** The pump itself is defective or is there no power left? Contact the seller or the manufacturer.

1. Clogged filter

A clogged filter may cause the washing machine to stop pumping. This filter is usally located in the bottom right corner at the front of your washing machine, behind a little hatch. Consult the manual if you can't find it.

What do I do?

First, put a towel on the ground to collect any water, turn off the washing machine and unplug it. Check if there's a hose behind the hatch for draining excess water. Collect this water in a tray. Next, remove the filter, which is often fixed into place with a dial or a handle. Remove everything from the hole where the filter is, and clean the filter itself with some soapy water. Put the filter back and close the hatch.

2. Clogged drain

A clogged drain may be the cause of your washing machine no longer being able to pump away its water. Check to see if other pipes, such as the sink or the toilet, are flushing normally. Check if there are any kinks in the washing machine's drain hose itself as well, or if it's clogged. Is the problem in the drain itself, after all? Then read this article for possible solutions.

3. Broken pump

The final possible cause is the drainage pump itself. On the washing machine, select the drain cycle or a comparable cycle. Listen closely to hear if you can hear the drainage pump working. Do you hear the pump working, but is it not draining any water? The pump's supply is probably blocked, so carefully check the filter again. Don't hear the pump working? The pump isn't receiving power, or it's broken. Contact the vendor or the manufacturer.

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