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How do I descale my washing machine?

Limescale deposits are harmful to your washing machine and shorten the life of your device. The washing machine consumes more energy with limescale deposits and there is a chance that the heating element will break. It is therefore very important to descale your washing machine. In this article you will read the 4 steps you need to take to descale your washing machine.

Step 1: empty the washing machine

empty the washing machine

To ensure that your clothes are not stained, it is important that you empty the washing machine. Check the cuff carefully. This is the rubber around the filling opening of the washing machine. Sometimes a lost sock or underpants is left behind.

Step 2: fill the detergent drawer with descaler

Fill the detergent drawer with descaler

Pour the descaler into the detergent drawer. Do this in the same compartment where you normally put the detergent. Use the dosage stated on the package of the descaler.

Step 3: run a washing program

Run a washing program

Time to start a washing program. Choose a washing program at 40 or 60 degrees without pre-wash. To ensure that the descaler goes through the entire washing machine properly, it is important that you run the washing program until the end.

Step 4: run the same washing program again

Run a 2nd program

If you only run 1 washing program, you have the chance that some of the descaler will remain in the washing machine. Therefore, run the same wash program again with another empty drum. The possible last remnants of the descaler are then definitely gone.

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