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What do you need to work standing up?

Sedentary work results in physical complaints. Especially if you have a poor working posture and don't move around enough during your working day. An ergonomic working posture is important, so one of our tips is to alternate working sitting down and standing up. There are a number of options to work standing up. We'll give you 4 options, so you can work standing up optimally.

Sit-stand desks

Sit-stand desks allow you to easily switch between working sitting down and standing up. Most sit-stand desks are electrically adjustable, so you can maintain an ergonomic working position at the push of a button. These desks come in different sizes, so you can find one for smaller spaces as well. You can adjust the desk to your height, ensuring a proper and active posture. This results in less physical complaints and improved performance.

Sit-stand workstations

If you already have a desk and you don't think buying a brand new sit-stand desk is worth the investment, there are workstations available as well. You can place these workstations on your desk and mount your monitor on the monitor arm. You can then set the workstation to the right height, allowing you to work standing up. You can place your keyboard and mouse on the platform. Some workstations come with extras as well, such as cable management, wireless charging points, and space for documents or useful office supplies.

Standing mats

Standing mats support your feet better. If you work standing up for a long time, your feet will get tired. The pressure on your feet eventually leads to cramps, because the blood circulation gets worse. The standing mats provide your feet with a comfortable base. If you move your feet around a little as well, you can improve the circulation and activate your muscles. These mats are a good addition, especially if you have issues with tired feet and/or legs from standing upright.

Wrist rests

You may not expect wrist rests in an article about working standing up, but they're actually important. If you work standing up, you tend to lean into your desk and this causes stress on your wrists from your body weight. To prevent too much stress on your wrists, it's a good idea to put them on a wrist rest. This ensures your wrists are always in a good position and prevents wrist pain. There are wrist rests available for both keyboard and mouse. We recommend using both rests.

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