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What drill do you use to drill concrete?

Drilling concrete; the right tools make it very easy. What exactly are the right tools, then? If you just use any old drill from your toolshed with any old drill bit, it's likely you won't get very far. What should you use instead? I'll tell you in this article.


Drilling concrete flooring

Concrete is a mixture of cement, sand, gravel, and water. The composition and specific hardness vary, but basically, concrete is very, very hard. That's why concrete is the most important building material for new construction. Few new houses are built that aren't made almost entirely made of concrete inside and outside, reinforced or otherwise. The hardness of concrete ensures excellent durability. What it also does, however, is making the material very hard to work.

The right drill

Concrete drill bits

Just a hammer drill isn't enough. You'll still need to equip it with the right drill bit, of course. Usually, a hammer drill has an SDS-plus drill head that's only suitable for SDS-plus drill bits.. That's understandable if you consider that a quick release drill bit would slip if it were exposed to the speed and power of a hammer drill. Because the shaft is anchored, that's not an issue with an SDS-plus drill bit. Once you've chosen the right type of drill bit, it's a matter of determining the lengt and width of the drill hole and you and your hammer drill can get started.


After asking the question, this article could have consisted of one word: hammer drill. If you're drilling concrete, don't mess around with anything less than a hammer drill. That will cost you your machine, your drill bit, and perhaps your wall and your patience.

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