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What drill do you use to drill tile?

Little drilling jobs cause damage as easily as drilling in tiles. Certainly the tiles with a glaze layer as you find them in the bathroom and kitchen can be a challenge. Before we can prevent the damage, we first have to determine with which drilling machine we get started.


Drilling in tiles

A tile is of course simply stone and in stone you drill with a cordless drill or impact drill. Yet? Or is it slightly more nuanced? As I devote a separate article to this, let the answer to that question guess. A tile is often on the thin side. And it does not matter whether it is already 'stuck' on the wall or is still loose. By applying force to a very specific point of the tile, it can easily burst due to the tension. Add the often present layer of enamel and you know that you are dealing with a surface that you want to carefully drill into.

Drilling in tiles

Drilling machines for drilling in tiles

As you carefully drill into tiles, the rough guns can be left out. A cordless drill can be sufficient. And if you want to go for a high rotation speed, take a knocker for safety. The beating mechanism will then let you down unless you drill in garden or paving stones. Drilling in glazed tiles? Then it is advisable to start as carefully as possible. The chance of damage is considerably reduced once you have passed through the enamel.

The right drill

The right tile drill

Opinions about drilling in tiles often occur with a multitude of drills. But let me keep it simple: drill into a tile, then take a tile drill (sometimes also called a glass drill). They have not developed them for nothing and in particular help you get through that first vulnerable layer. A tile drill is hard and has a point that effectively and damage-free through the glaze bores. If you then go through the tile, you switch drill to connect it to the material under the tile. Is this concrete, then of course you also switch from drilling machine.

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