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Affordable washing machine: what you should keep in mind

Do you want to buy an affordable washing machine? In this article, you can read what you can expect from an affordable washing machine. For example, an affordable washing machine always has a start delay. This is very useful, because it allows you to decide when the program starts. Do you want some extras when you buy an affordable washing machine? Make sure that it has a brushless motor, so the washing machine lasts longer.

Affordable washing machines up to € 400,-

Washing machine up to 400 euros

If you want to purchase one of the most affordable washing machines, choose a model of up to € 400,- Please note that this washing machine makes more noise and is less energy-efficient. An affordable washing machine within this price range also doesn't last as long because it has a basic or mid-range build quality. It's useful that all models have start delay. This means that you can set when you want the wash cycle to start.

What you can expect:

  • Basic or mid-range build quality.
  • More noise during spinning.
  • Usually not very energy-efficient.
  • Start delay: decide when you want to wash.

Washing machines from € 400,- to € 500,

Washing machinesbetween 400 and 500 euros

Most affordable washing machines from € 400,- to € 500,- have a brushless motor. This makes the motor wear less quickly and the washing machine is more energy-efficient. You'll find more energy-efficient washing machines within this price category. This is not only thanks to the brushless motor, but also thanks to the load sensor. This sensor adjusts the cycle to the amount of laundry. This allows you to save water and energy with smaller amounts of laundry.

What you can expect:

  • Usually a brushless motor.
  • More energy efficient washing machines.
  • Often a load sensor.
  • The average build quality is mid-range.

Washing machines from € 500,- to € 600,-

Washing machines between 500 and 600 euros

Are you looking for an affordable washing machine a mid-range or even high-end build quality? Choose a washing machine from € 500,- to € 600,- Most models have a self-cleaning detergent drawer, which automatically rinses the detergent drawer. This means you don't have to worry that detergent residue will accumulate and your laundry will feel greasy. A brushless motor is also included by default with front loaders and you won't be bothered by noise. Thanks to the multiple leak protection, you also have less chance of leakage.

What you can expect:

  • Brushless motor on all front loaders.
  • Usually a self-cleaning detergent drawer.
  • Mid-range or high-end build quality.
  • Multiple leak protection.

Second Chance washing machines

Washing machine

With a Second Chance washing machine, you purchase an affordable washing machine that has been returned or exchanged. These washing machines are still in good condition, but have some damage. This varies from minor signs of wear to visible damage. This means you receive a discount. On the product pages of our Second Chance washing machines, you can see in what condition they are.

Washing machine subscriptions

Washing machine subscription

Do you want a good affordable washing machine? Consider a washing machine subscription. This gives you an energy-efficient washing machine that always works, for a fixed amount per month. Is the washing machine broken? We replace it within 48 hours. The subscription can be canceled monthly after 1 year.

Not sure yet?

Are you looking for a washing machine with the latest technologies? In that case, an affordable washing machine is probably not the washing machine that meets your requirements. Or maybe you're still in doubt and want to know the possibilities are? Check out which other washing machines are available.

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