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What is an SSD?

An SSD is comparable to a hard drive, but much faster, more energy-efficient, and more reliable. You can save all your files here on holiday photos, films, games, and documents. Install your operating system on your SSD to boot your PC many times faster. We explain what an SSD is and what you can do with it via 3 questions and answers.

1. What does SSD mean?


SSD stands for Solid State Disk and means 'stagnated disk'. An SSD saves data in chips. This is in contrast to an HDD, which stores information through a rotating disk under a read and write head.

2. How does an SSD work?


An SSD is a chip. Just like more parts in your computer. Such as your motherboard, working memory and processor. The specific function of an SSD is the storage of information, such as your files, which you can access at any time. If you zoom in on a microscopic level, you will see that SSDs consist of a network of cells. Each cell stores a piece of information.

3. What can you do with an SSD and why do I want one?


An SSD is the storage center of your computer. In it you save all files: from the operating system to your photos. Because an SSD is up to 4 times faster than a traditional HDD, you not only have extra storage space, but also good speed performance. This way your computer starts up within 15 seconds, loads your games quickly so you quickly get to the first level and you can edit videos, photos and music faster.

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