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What's eSim?

The eSIM is a digital alternative to the physical, plastic SIM card. This integrated SIM card is connected to your smartphone, it's safe, and it has room for several phone plans. This way, you can keep business and private life separate. In this article, we tell you more about the advantages of eSIM and explain what you need to use eSIM.

What's eSim?

eSIM smartphone

The term eSIM is an abbreviation of embedded SIM. This digital SIM card is built into your smartphone and an alternative to the physical, plastic SIM card we all know. That means the eSIM is connected to your smartphone. Even though you can't hold an eSIM, it works exactly the same way as the plastic SIM card you can currently find in most models. You connect to the mobile network via eSIM. This way, you can make calls and browse the internet.

Advantages of eSIM

Advantage eSIM

The clearest advantage of the eSIM is that you no longer have to struggle with a SIM pin or paperclip to remove your SIM card. Aside from that, it's safe, since the eSIM can't be stolen from your smartphone. You can put several data plans on the eSIM. That means you always have the option of a dual SIM. The eSIM also takes up less space than a physical card. This way, it also fits in a smart watch, while leaving more space in smartphones for larger batteries, for example.

What do you need for eSIM?

What is needed eSIM

The eSIM is a built-in module. It's not present in every smartphone. Make sure you check if your smartphone supports eSIM. Aside from that, your provider also needs to offer eSIM data plans. At the moment, there are only very few providers that support eSIM. That is why it's important to check. Do you smartphone and provider support eSIM? Then all you have to do is activate it. This is usually done via an app, but how this works exactly differs for each provider. So follow the instructions from your provider.

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