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What is the build quality of a freezer?

The build quality of a freezer says something about the lifespan. The higher the build quality, the greater the chance that the freezer will last for years. To distinguish the difference in quality, we distinguish between 3 quality classes: top class, middle class and base class. Do you want to enjoy a freezer for as long as possible? Then choose one with a top class build quality.

This is how we determine build quality

When determining the build quality of a freezer, we keep the following specifications in mind:

  • Inverter motor: has less friction point, so it wear less than a conventional compressor.
  • Anti-ice buildup: the compressor won't work hard unnecessarily due to ice buildup.*
  • Anti-vacuum door handle: the rubber in the door wears less fast, because you open the door without pressure.
  • Storage time in case of power failure: a long storage time indicates that a fridge is well-isolated.*
  • Material of the door and casing: stainless steel ages better than plastic, because it scratches less easily.
  • Impressible door seal: the door seals are easily replacable if the door doesn't close anymore due to wear.
  • Max. ambient temperature: the cooling capacity reduces faster in a low ambient temperature.
  • Min. ambient temperature: the cooling capacity reduces faster in a high ambient temperature.
  • LED light: lasts longer than a normal light.

High-end build quality

Top-notch freezer

We call a freezer top class if it has at least 70 percent of the most important specifications for a long life. Thanks to the use of qualitative materials and techniques, a freezer with building quality top class lasts a long time. All top class freezers have an inverter compressor. This compressor has fewer friction points and is quieter and more energy-efficient than its predecessor: the conventional compressor. A top class freezer has 9 out of 10 No Frost and an anti-vacuum door handle.

Mid-range build quality

Mid-range freezer

A freezer with a middle class build quality has more than half of the relevant specifications for build quality. For example, a middle-class freezer almost always has a form of anti-icing: No Frost or Low Frost. Anti-icing is extra important for a middle class freezer because it freezes with a conventional compressor. This more traditional compressor wears faster than the inverter compressor that top class freezers have. To prevent extra wear, it is therefore important that the freezer is free of ice.

Basic build quality

Basic freezer

Does a freezer have less than 50 percent of the above specifications for build quality? Then we speak of a basic class freezer. When you opt for a basic grade freezer you usually deliver on quality for a lower purchase price. For example, most base class models do not have anti-icing. To enjoy the freezer for as long as possible, defrost the freezer 5 or 6 times a year. Without ice on the walls, the engine costs less energy to freeze.

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