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What is LG Door Cooling?

LG Door Cooling ensures that the interior of your LG fridge is quickly cool again after opening the door. A useful feature of the latest LG fridges is Door Cooling+. Thanks to the fixed temperature, your food stays fresh longer and the fridge consumes less energy. You can read in this article how this technique works.

How does it work?

How does LG Door Cooling work?

Door Cooling creates a cold air flow that cools the fridge faster after opening the door. This cold air stream is blown at the front of the fridge from top to bottom and across the entire width. The door compartments are also cooled during this process. This way, temperature fluctuations in the fridge are kept to a minimum.

Fresh longer

Door Cooling fresh longer

The fact that there is no temperature fluctuation in the fridge means a great advantage for your food. A fixed temperature ensures that your food has a longer shelf life. In addition, this technique has another advantage. The entire fridge is cooled, so drinks in the door or in the back are just as cool as the drinks in the middle. With Door Cooling+, the fridge also cools 35% faster than fridges with normal systems.


Door Cooling energy-efficient

Thanks to Door Cooling, the interior of the fridge quickly returns to the right temperature. As a result, the fridge consumes less energy than other models that do have to adjust the temperature. Despite this technology, the fridge makes very little noise with 36 decibels.

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