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Which size freezer fits in my home?

The most important thing when choosing a freezer is that you know where it will be located. Make sure that the freezer fits in height, depth and width. Also think about keeping room for ventilation.

Freezer delivery

At the moment, we only deliver your product right across the threshold to your home. We can't put the product in the desired spot in your house or connect it. We'll still take the packaging material with us. Just like your old product, if it's ready next to the door.

Step 1: determine where the freezer will be placed


The most important for determining the size of the freezer is where it will be located. For example, if you have a smaller space between the counter and the wall, a freezer won't fit.

Step 2: measure the width

Freezer width

Measure the width of the place where the freezer will be placed. Do you have a laminate or wooden floor? Then take the plinth into account and do not include it. The freezer must be level and when it is on a plinth this is not the case. Also take into account a possible sloping wall.

Step 3: measure the height

Freezer height

Measure the height of the place where the freezer will be placed. When there is nothing hanging above the freezer, you decide for yourself which height you like. Will the freezer come under a kitchen cupboard? Just to be on the safe side, make sure you place the freezer underneath.

Step 4: measure the depth

Freezers depth

The best thing is when the freezer is just as deep as the sink. Therefore, measure again for the skirting to the front of the counter. Make sure you hold the tape measure tight to prevent a wrong size.

Step 5: keep some space

Space freezers

As was said before when measuring the height: keep some space. This actually applies to all sides of the freezer. Also at the back it is important that some space remains. This is where the ventilation is located and for the freezer to work properly, this air must be able to flow through. The distance recommended at the rear is between 5 and 10 centimeters.

Step 6: make sure that the door can turn freely

Door freezers

It may not be something you immediately think of when measuring, but consider opening the door. There is nothing more annoying than finding out that the door is knocking against the kitchen island after placing the freezer. It is easy to calculate whether you have enough environmental space. The depth with the door open is the depth of the freezer + the width.

Step 7: walk the path from the front door to the kitchen

Direction door

It is not only important that the freezer fits in the kitchen, but also that it can be delivered. Does the freezer fit through your front door? If the freezer is not placed on the ground floor, we also recommend that you measure the stairwell. In this way you will avoid any surprises during the delivery.

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