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Wireless printing options

There are many ways to print wirelessly. You don't have to stand right next to the printer with a clumsy printer cable if you have a wireless printer, but you can easily send print jobs via WiFi. This means you can print without worries while lying on your lounger in the garden or from your home office in the attic. We'll list the most common ways to print wirelessly.

Apple AirPrint

printing from iphone

If you have an iPhone or iPad, you can easily print via Apple AirPrint. Make sure the printer is connected to the network and switch on WiFi on your Apple device. You can now select the 'Print' option from various Apple applications and send a print job to the printer wirelessly.

Google Cloud Print

google cloud print

Print from Gmail or Google Drive with Google Cloud Print. Easily send a print job from your smartphone or tablet wirelessly, without having to install difficult apps or drivers. Make sure your phone supports Google Cloud and that your printer is Cloud-Print-Ready. Do you have an Apple phone or tablet? You can use Google Cloud Print another way, but it's easier to print with Apple AirPrint.

Email to Print

e-mail printing

If your printer supports Email to Print, you can send a print job to your printer from any location. You send an email with an attachment to your printer's own email address, so your printer can print them right away. It's also possible to secure the email address to prevent unwanted print jobs.

NFC print

nfc printing

This technique uses NFC (Near Field Communication) technology. This means your printer has an NFC chip. If your smartphone or tablet also has NFC, you can quickly and easily send a print job simply by bringing it into physical contact with the NFC chip on your printer. If you want to use NFC, you generally need to install the print application of your printer's brand on your smartphone or tablet as well.

WiFi direct

print with wifi directly

With WiFi direct, you can connect the printer to another device with WiFi without a modem and/or password. This way, you're able to easily send print jobs to the printer remotely. If a printer has WiFi direct, your smartphone, tablet, or laptop also automatically detects the printer, which makes sending a print job easy as pie.

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