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How do you choose an impact drill?

An impact drill is used for drilling holes in wood, plaster, metal, stone, or light concrete. It can also be used for mixing paint, glue, or mortar. The impact drill that's best for you depends on the type of project and your personal requirements. Go through the following steps and you'll be able to easily choose the impact drill that's best for you.

With or without cord?

There are both corded impact drills and cordless impact drills that are powered by battery. Corded impact drills are often more powerful and more affordable than cordless impact drills. A cordless impact drill, on the other, allows you to move around freely and saves you the hassle of using extension cords or cable reels. In order to find the right cordless impact drill, go through the steps found below the advice on cordless impact drills.

One or more speed settings?

Drill speed settings of an impact drill

Generally, most impact drill have two speed settings. One setting with a low RPM and more toque, which is most suitable for screwing. The other setting has a higher RPM, which has less torque but is more suitable for drilling. There are also machines that only have a single setting. With these machines, you aren't able to adjust the RPM specifically to your project, which'll lead to a poorer result.

Don't forget the bits and drill bits

Bits and drill bits for an impact drill

In order to get the right screws into or out of a surface, it's very important that you use the right bits when tightening and loosening a screw. If you use the wrong bit, the cordless drill will slip sooner, leading to an unusable screw and a quickly-wearing bit. Drill bits also come in different shapes and sizes. There are all kinds of drill bits for different surfaces. For the lifespan of the drill bits and the quality of the hole, it's important to use the right drill bits for the right material. Want to get done with it in one go? Choose a complete set of bits and drill bits. These sets contain pretty much all the bits and drill bits you'll need for DIY jobs in and around the house.

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