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What should you keep in mind when buying a gaming laptop?

You've had the same gaming laptop for years and started noticing that it can't handle every game as well anymore. Or, you decided to buy a gaming laptop for the first time ever. What should you keep in mind? In this article, I'll give an overview of the 4 most important things you should keep in mind when buying a gaming laptop.

1. Video card for smooth graphics

The video card is the most important part of a gaming laptop. The graphics card, for instance, is crucial when it comes to the amount of frames per second (fps) that you use to play a game and at what resolution a game remains playable. The NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 is the entry-level video card for a gaming laptop, the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080Ti is the most powerful version. There are also NVIDIA GeForce Max-Q video cards, which you can find in thin gaming laptops. It's possible to play VR games starting at the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 video card. The RTX cards by NVIDIA are the most recent and are even more powerful than the GTX variants.

2. Fast games, faster image

You should game on a screen with a minimum Full HD resolution (1920x1080), or else the graphics won't be good enough. The highest possible resolution for a laptop is currently 4K UHD (3840x2160). Keep in mind though that when you want to game in 4K, you need a powerful video card, especially if you want to reach 60 frames per second. Gaming laptops with a 120Hz screen or G-Sync support are also available. A 120Hz screen has double the refresh rate in comparison with the screen of a standard gaming laptop, which results in smoother gameplay. A high refresh rate and G-Sync reduces the chance of image stutter and screen tearing considerably.

3. A better keyboard

Old gaming laptops usually have a standard backlit keyboard. When you're buying a new gaming laptop, there are many options available that can improve your gaming experience. Do you play lots of games that require key combinations? Choose for a key board with macro keys. Then you'll only have to use the macro key to use the key combination. Or do you play a lot of shooter games? Opt for a mechanical keyboard. Many serious gamers find the sensitivity, the click, and the functionality of a mechanical keyboard essential in online gaming. Keystrokes require a lot less force and register sooner, which helps you shoot or flee sooner than a opponent with a regular keyboard.

4. Heavier games, more heat

New games ask a lot of a gaming laptop. Stronger video cards and processors make overtime which results in more heat. This heat needs to be drained to make constant performances possible and prevent glitches in the gameplay. Nowadays, a new gaming laptop often has 2 or 4 fans and various heat pipes to cool down the notebook. When you play a lot of graphically heavy games, pay attention to the cooling system of the laptop you want to buy.

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