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How do you choose a doorbell?

If there's a visitor at your door, you want to know right away. A standard doorbell lets you know with an audio signal. In addition to these standard doorbells, there are also doorbells with two-way audio or even with a screen. In this article, we'll tell you which doorbell is the right fit for you and what each doorbell does exactly.

Choose a doorbell

Choose a doorbell

When you're choosing a doorbell, you have to think about a couple of things. For example, do you want a smart doorbell with video? Or do you want a wireless doorbell? Keep the following things in mind:

  • Do you want to talk to the person at your door?
  • Do you want to see your visitors?
  • How do you want to connect the doorbell?
  • Where in your house do you want to hear the doorbell?
  • How do you want to install the doorbell?

Do you want to talk to the person at the door?

Communicate via the intercom

If you prefer to talk to your visitors via the doorbell without opening the door, choose a doorbell with a receiver (intercom). Both an intercom and a doorbell with two-way audio allow you to communicate with the person at your door. Some receivers also have a screen. This way, you can both talk to the person at the door and see them at the same time. This option is extra secure.

Do you want to see visitors at your door (as well)?

Doorbell with camera

At home on your receiver

A doorbell with camera always needs a receiver, so you can see the footage. That means the intercom always consists of a doorbell button and a receiver with a screen. Plug the receiver into the socket or mount it to the wall. When someone is at the door and rings the bell, the screen is activated. You're in direct contact via the speakers (also known as two-way communication) and you can see who it is on the screen.

Smart doorbell

Via smartphone app

With a smart doorbell, you can see who's at your door on your smartphone. These doorbells are directly connected to your smartphone via WiFi. The moment your guests ring the bell, the app gets activated. You can talk to your visitors via the app. Many smart doorbells can be expanded with an extra receiver for in the house. This doorbell chime generally doesn't have a screen, but it emits an audio signal when someone rings the doorbell.

How do you want to connect the doorbell?

Wired doorbell

Wired (on the power grid)

Wired doorbells always require a 2-wire, 3-wire, or even 4-wire connection at the front door. If there aren't any cables for a doorbell connection yet, you'll need to lay these cables down yourself. This may create some extra (technical) work.

Wireless (on a battery)

Wireless doorbells are powered by batteries and they're easy to install. This type of doorbells is also called plug-'n-play. You put the battery in the doorbell button and mount it to your door frame with double-sided tape. And that's it. There's no need to lay out any cables.

Where in the house do you want to hear the doorbell?

Fixed location

In a fixed location

A standard doorbell is connected to the connector at the door frame with a wire. That means you connect the doorbell button to the existing connector of your current doorbell. The receiver inside usually also has a fixed location. This is often near the front door. This receiver is connected to the doorbell button by means of a doorbell wire.

Doorbell chime

Anywhere in the house

If you want hear your doorbell anywhere in the house, choose a wireless doorbell. You mount the doorbell button to the door frame and you place the doorbell chime in any desired location in your home. The chime is the box that emits the sound. A receiver works on the power grid or on batteries. The advantage of a battery-powered receiver is that you can move it around the entire house.

Smart doorbell

Wherever possible

Do you want to see who's at your door anytime, anywhere? Choose a smart doorbell. Via the app on your smartphone, you're always in direct contact with the WiFi doorbell. When someone rings the bell, you get a push notification. Open the app and you're in contact with the person at the door right away. This way, you can also communicate with visitors when you're not home.

How do you want to install the doorbell?

Install doorbell

Installing a new doorbell isn't always easy. Especially in the case of wired models, when you often need some technical knowledge to install them properly and safely. If you're not that handy, choose a plug-in model or a battery-powered doorbell. It's smart to call in a technician to install a wired doorbell.

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