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Cooking with a steam oven

What is a steam oven? Simply put: an oven with steaming function. The heat in the oven converts water to steam, which allows you to prepare many different dishes. It's not the same as a fan oven, because in this case, you use water vapor. You're cooking much healthier when you're using steam. Curious to see if this works for you? Below you'll find the pros and cons and an overview of every type of steam oven.

Why cook with a steam oven?

When you cook vegetables or potatoes in water, a lot of flavor and vitamins is lost. This is because they come into contact with water. Since a steam oven uses water vapor, the water doesn't touch your food. This makes your vegetables richer in vitamins and in taste. On top of that, they keep their color and shape, which makes your food look a lot tastier in comparison to when you cook it in a pan. You can also easily steam rice, pasta, fruit, and shellfish until they're cooked. And your pies, pizzas, and casseroles get a lovely crisp layer.


  • Your food is less greasy and much healthier because you don't use oils or butter.
  • Your food doesn't lose any of its flavor or vitamins.
  • The color and shape of your food remains intact.


  • An oven with steaming function is more expensive than an oven without steaming function.
  • After each use, you have to remove the residual water, or else you'll shorten its lifespan.

Partial vs full

partial steam oven

Partial steam

If you like baking (and do it often), a steam oven with partial steam is suitable for you. An oven with this steaming function only adds steam at the beginning of the baking process. The oven uses hot air for the remainder of the process and allows you to bake the way you're used to. So, what is the big advantage of this? By steaming your baked goods in the beginning, they get a lovely crispy crust on the outside, but remain nice and soft on the inside. Think of baguettes, but also pies, pizzas, or a lovely lasagna.


  • For the baking enthusiast
  • Extra crispy crust
full steam oven

Full steam

If you want too cook entire dishes in the steam oven, opt for an oven with full steam. This type uses steam during the entire cooking process and is very suitable to prepare fish, vegetables, and other food. You can also put your pasta and rice and even fruit and shellfish in the oven. This way, you can prepare an entire dish without any problems. When you have an oven with full steam, you don't really need a cooktop or stove anymore You can 'cook' your food in the oven. Everything that you would normally cook in a pan, you can now put in the oven.


  • You no longer need a stove or cooktop
  • You can cook an entire dish

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