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What extra functions do you want on your oven?

Extra functions on your oven make cooking and cleaning a lot easier. With an automatic program, the oven selects the right preparation time and temperature for your dish. That way, you can be sure your dish is cooked well when it leaves the oven, so you won't have to worry about that anymore. Curious about more of these handy functions? You can read about them in this article.

Automatic programs

automatic programs on your oven

If you indicate which dish you want to prepare, the oven will automatically select the right preparation time and temperature. The oven has a number of programs preprogrammed into its memory. That way, you'll never have to wonder which settings you need for your lasagna. The number and type of programs differ per brand.

Memory function

Display of an oven

Do you bake an apple pie every Sunday? You can save the settings using the memory function. Next time you bake an apple pie, the oven will automatically select the right settings. That way, you can be sure you'll take the same pie out of the oven every Sunday.

Telescopic rails

Oven with telescopic rails extended

With telescopic rails, you can easily slide baking sheets and oven racks out of the oven without having them tilt. Useful if you want to add some herbs to your oven dish, or if you've got multiple baking sheets in your oven. This way, you won't burn yourself when you take the baking sheet out of the oven.

Cleaning system


Catalytic ovens are partially self-cleaning. The oven has 1 or more catalytic walls, which absorb dirt and grease. If the oven reaches a temperature of over 200 degrees, the grease will burn. You won't have to clean these walls yourself anymore.


An oven with a pyrolytic cleaning function is fully self-cleaning. The oven locks the door and heats up to 500 degrees. All dirt and grease in your oven cavity will burn during this process. You'll only have to wipe the ashes out of your oven afterwards, and it's ready for use again.


There are 5 functions that make cooking and cleaning your oven a lot easier. There are ovens with a cleaning system, which means you won't have to scrub the oven after cooking, and there are ovens with automatic programs, which select the right settings for your dish. That way, your dish will always leave the oven well cooked. Do you want an oven with one or several of these functions? With the product filter, you can select the desired options and choose the oven that suits you.

Note: these functions are only available for built-in ovens. If you want a freestanding oven, these options are not available.

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