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Which monitor do you choose for your home office?

At home, you want to work just as comfortably as at the office. With a monitor that's suitable for working at home, you can experience the same convenience as at the office. Such a monitor is ergonomic and easy to look at, and it has the right connectors for peripherals. We'll tell you how you choose the right monitor for your home office.

Choose a monitor

Monitors come in many types and sizes. But there are a few features that can help you choose. Ask yourself the following:

  • Which screen size is the best for you?
  • Is your screen adjustable, pivotable, and tiltable?
  • At which brightness can you work best?
  • How do you want your monitor to look?
  • Which connectors do you need?

Which screen size is best for you?

Choose the right size of the screen

The monitor for your home office has to be big enough for your usage situation. It depends on your work what specific screen size you choose. Do you process a lot of spreadsheets or do you edit audio-visual material? In that case, a 27-inch screen or larger is useful. Do you use multiple programs at the same time? Choose for 2 monitors of at least 24 inches, or choose an ultrawide monitor. On this extra wide monitor, you can open multiple windows next to each other without problems.

Is the screen adjustable, pivotable, and tiltable?


Also work with the right posture when working from home. Do you often work long days? With an adjustable monitor, you can arrange an ergonomic home office for long working days. This is a screen that you can tilt, adjust in height, and pivot on the stand. In a vertical setup, you can easily read texts and process large amounts of data. Is your workday over, or do you want to take a break? You can easily tilt the screen back for a relaxing YouTube video.

At which brightness can you work best?

Monitor blue light filter

It depends on your work environment if you choose a monitor with a high or lower brightness. We express this in candela per square meter (cd/m²). With a brightness of 250cd/m², you can work comfortably in rooms with less light. Do you have a lot of light in your home office? With 300 to 350cd/m², you can still read what is on your screen. Do you often work in the evening? Choose a monitor with a blue light filter. The filter softens the blue hues on your monitor. This way, you won't get tired eyes.

How do you want your monitor to look?

Monitor looks and design

You want your monitor to look good in your home office. Monitors with thin bezels don't stand out as much. This way, you can place 2 screens next to each other without a thick edge in the middle. In terms of monitor bases, you can choose from different colors and designs. This can be angular shapes or a round base. Do you want an exclusive design? Choose a curved monitor. The curved screen creates a panoramic effect, so you experience more depth.

Which connectors do you need?

Monitor accessories

Are you looking for a screen for you Apple MacBook or for a laptop with a USB-C port? Choose a monitor with a USB-C port. If the monitor of your choice only has an HDMI connector, a docking station can help you. You can use it to connect your laptop, and also your mouse and keyboard. Do you work with a desktop. Make sure you purchase the right video cable.

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