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My '@' button doesn't work anymore

It may happen that your keyboard doesn't work properly anymore. For example, different characters appear than you were typing. The solution is simple in some cases, but you need to know what to do to get it to function as normal again. In this article, I'll give you a solution to this problem.

Other signs

Does your keyboard show different characters than you type? For example, it is possible that you send an e-mail, for example, and you will always receive quotation marks instead of an at sign. The cause is in most cases that the keyboard is switched to a different language version. This is because you often accidentally rest with your hands on the key combination and this changes. For example, Ctrl + Shift ensures that a different language version is selected. The solution is simple: press Ctrl + Shift again and your keyboard works as usual.

Permanent solution

Do you often suffer from this problem? Then it is best to adjust your keyboard settings so that this does not happen anymore. It is wise to choose one language and one keyboard layout. The most used combination is Dutch as language and United States (international) for keyboard layout. You do this as follows:* Go to Settings* Click Time & Language* Click on Region & Language* Remove all languages except Dutch under 'Languages'* Then click on Dutch and click on Options* See if here United States (international) as a keyboard.Is there another keyboard? Remove it and add United States International.

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Gijs Laptop Expert.

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