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How do you change the strap of your Apple Watch?

You can easily exchange the Apple Watch strap for another strap. This way, you can adjust your Apple Watch to any occasion. Whether you're going to the gym or the office, there is an Apple Watch strap available for every occasion. When buying an Apple Watch strap, make sure to check which watch size the strap is suitable for.

Get started with changing the Apple Watch strap

Change Apple Watch strap

Changing your Apple Watch strap isn't difficult. How you attach it to the Apple Watch and how you take it off depends on the type of strap.

  • Change your Apple Watch Strap
  • Remove Milanese Loop strap
  • Remove Link Bracelet


You can use Apple Watch straps that are suitable for the Apple Watch 38mm on the Apple Watch 40mm and the other way around. Similarly, straps that are suitable for the Apple Watch 42mm can be used on the Apple Watch 44mm and vice versa. If you want to switch from the Apple Watch Series 3 38mm to the Apple Watch Series 5 40mm, you can still use the straps that you bought for the Apple Watch Series 3.

Change Apple Watch strap

To remove the silicone watch strap from your Apple Watch and attach the new watch strap to the Apple Watch, you have to do the following:

  1. Place the Apple Watch face down over a clean surface or hold the Apple Watch firmly.
  2. Press and hold the release button of the watch strap.
  3. Slide the band out of the slot, either on the left side or on the right side. Is the strap not moving? Press the release button again and try to slide the strap out of the slot.
  4. Take the new strap. Make sure any text on the strap is facing you. Slide the strap into the slot from the side until you hear a click.

Don't force the watch strap

Never force the strap when sliding it in or out of the Apple Watch slot. If you don't feel or hear a click, carefully slide the band back and forth. Can't get it to lock? Slide the watch strap into the middle of the slot, push it into place, and check if the strap is secure by wiggling it up and down. Don't wear your Apple Watch if the watch strap hasn't been properly attached.

Remove Milanese Loop watch strap

Apple Watch Milanese Loop watch strap

Detaching the Milanese Loop strap is largely the same as detaching a silicone or nylon strap. Want to make it even easier? Slide the strap through the strap connector first. The strap connector is the part you slide into the slot of the Apple Watch. The Milanese Loop watch straps from 2019 are designed so you can open the strap completely. On earlier Milanese Loop models, the closure won't slide through the strap connector.

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