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How much RAM do I need for my laptop?

The RAM, also known as the internal memory, influences the speed of your laptop. If you want to edit photos, you need more RAM than if you want to use the internet or work with texts. On this page, we'll help you make the best choice.

Usage situations

Man edits photos in Photoshop on laptop.

In general, the more RAM, the more tasks your laptop can handle at the same time. This affects the speed of your laptop. To make it easy, we've listed a number of usage situations in the table below. This way, you know exactly how much RAM you need at least for how you will use your laptop.

Recommended amount of RAM per situation

4GB 6GB 8GB 16GB 32GB
Internet and text processing Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Watching movies and series Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Excel and management systems Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Photo editing No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Video editing No No Yes Yes Yes
Gaming No No Yes Yes Yes
Virtual reality No No No Yes Yes

Expand the RAM

Expand the RAM of the laptop

Is Photoshop running slow on your old laptop after the last update? Your amount of RAM may no longer sufficient. Newer programs are often more demanding, so you need more RAM to run them. For some laptops, the RAM is easy to expand, making the laptop future-proof. We state whether the RAM is expandable in the specifications of each laptop. Note: the processor is also an important player in the speed of your laptop.

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