More general laptop advice

You can find more general advice on laptops here. Find out more about specification, compare laptops, and read reviews of laptops we've tested ourselves.


Laptop specifications can be pretty difficult. In these articles, we'll explain what the various specifications are, what they do, and what to keep in mind when buying a laptop.

Product series

Manufacturers produce laptops in different product series. In these articles, we'll clearly explain what the differences are between these product series. This way, you can quickly find out which laptop from which series suits you.


Want more information on software? In these articles, we'll tell you everything.

Expert reviews

Curious how a laptop feels in use? Our experts have tested it for you, so you can read it in a review.


There are many different laptop accessories. For example, you can protect your laptop with a cover, or choose accessories to set up your workplace. In these articles, we'll tell you which accessories suit your laptop.

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