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What warranty do I need for my laptop?

You're about to purchase a new laptop but you also want to be sure that you can go somewhere if you have problems with your laptop. That's why it's important to choose a warranty type that suits you. To make this choice a bit easier, you can read which warranty is suitable for what type of use.

Different warranty types

Before you choose a warranty type that suits your use, it's good to be aware of the different types of warranty. Carry-in warranty is always included. If you have problems, hand in your laptop at Coolblue. Pick up and return and onsite warranty run through the laptop's manufacturer. You can find a description of all types of warranties via the link below.

I use my laptop for relaxation

Laptop with Facebook open on desk with a plant in a pot beside it.

Keep up with social media, watch a movie on Netflix, and listen to music on Spotify. You can't go without any of those, but you won't be in big trouble if your laptop stops working. In that case, the best choice is carry-in warranty. A two-year carry-in warranty is always included with your laptop, and it covers all technical problems that aren't caused by you. Because this guarantee is always included, you won't have to look for certain laptops.

I use my laptop for school

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Nowadays, you can't really study without a laptop. All those deadlines and reports, imagine if your laptop fails. Don't feel like having to figure out where to go in case of problems? Choose a laptop with a pick up and return warranty. You can chose a time for the laptop to be picked up with the manufacturer, so you don't have to go to the post office to send the laptop.

I use my laptop for work

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Does your income depend on your laptop? You want help as quickly as possible if your laptop can't be used due to a technical problem. In this case, on-site warranty is often the best choice. You can call the manufacturer of the laptop, who'll try to solve the problem remotely. Didn't that work? Someone will come by the next working day. If your laptop needs to be repaired, you'll get a replacement device.


Did you already buy a laptop and want to extend your warranty? In some cases, you can. You'll need a Backup Plan for this. Check carefully if a Backup Plan is suitable for your laptop, and if it falls within the purchase period.

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