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How do you choose a laptop?

Are you looking for a new laptop, but unsure which one is suitable for you? Consider what you use your laptop for, as that determines which specifications are important for you. Here, we'll help you find the right laptop for your usage situation. It doesn't matter if you game, edit videos, or watch Netflix series.

The different operating systems

Woman plays game on Windows laptop

Windows: the most choices and support

Microsoft Windows 10 is the most well-known and popular operating system for computers. Windows 10 laptops come in all sizes, so you can always find a Windows laptop that suits you. It doesn't matter if you watch series on Netflix, make 3D models, edit videos, or play the most demanding games. You can download and use almost every application on Windows 10. For gamers, Windows 10 is definitely the best choice. Gaming laptops always run on Windows 10.

Woman uses MacBook and iPhone

macOS: works optimally with Apple devices

macOS is the operating system of the Apple MacBook. The software is made for the hardware it runs on and vice-versa. That's why the hardware and software work together optimally. This is most noticeable if you use many Apple devices. You have lots of choice for applications and can use the Apple MacBook for everything, from browsing the internet to 4K video editing. Are you a hardcore gamer? The macOS isn't the best choice, as games often run on Windows.

Man uses Chromebook

Chrome OS: for basic tasks and use on the go

Chromebook models run on Chrome OS, Google's operating system. You can log in with your Google account and work from the Google Chrome browser and Android applications. Choose Chrome OS if you mainly use your laptop for light tasks. A Chromebook is suitable for text editing, email, internet, and watching movies. You can also do that on the go, as most apps also work offline. Want to game or edit videos and photos as well? A Chromebook isn't the right choice for you.

Do you want to browse the internet, send emails, and process texts?

Excel on HP laptop. Laptop is on desk in office.

You can type a report or send an email with every laptop. Streaming movies and music isn't a problem either. If you only use your laptop for basic tasks, a smaller budget will do. In that case, choose a Chromebook or a laptop with a more affordable processor like a Celeron or Pentium, for example.

  • Every processor
  • 4GB RAM or more
  • Every inch size

Our advice for browsing the internet, sending emails, and text processing

Internet, email & text processing | AMD Ryzen 3 - 8GB - 256GB SSD | Windows 10 in S mode
temporarily sold out
  • On Windows 10 in S mode, you're better protected from viruses.
  • Use the fingerprint scanner to log in quickly and securely.
  • Thanks to the anti-glare screen, you're not bothered by the sun when you're outside.
  • Multitasking on this laptop is slower than with a Ryzen 5 or i5 processor.

Want a laptop for your studies?

Woman on the train with laptop

If you take your laptop to your lectures every day, it shouldn't be too heavy and should fir in your bag easily. Want a fast laptop you can easily open multiple windows in your browser at the same time with? Choose a laptop with an i5 processor and at least 8GB of RAM.

  • Intel Core i5 or Ryzen 5 processor and at least 8GB RAM
  • Up to 15 inches (38cm screen size) and 2kg. Note: these laptops often don't have a numeric keyboard.
  • Make sure to check whether your laptop should meet extra requirements for your studies.

Our advice for your studies

Powerful enough for photo editing | AMD Ryzen 5 - 16GB RAM - 512GB SSD | Backlit keyboard
temporarily sold out
  • This laptop is powerful enough for photo editing and multitasking.
  • On the 15-inch screen, you can open 2 windows next to each other without the laptop getting too heavy.
  • The backlit keyboard helps you prevent making mistakes in the dark.
  • This laptop isn't powerful enough for video editing.

Our advice on photo editing

Powerful enough for photo editing | Intel Core i5 - 16GB - 512GB SSD | Fingerprint scanner - Lightweight: 1.38 kilograms
no longer available
  • This laptop is powerful enough for video editing and multitasking.
  • On the Full HD screen, you can edit photos in detail.
  • This laptop isn't powerful enough for video editing.

Do you want to edit videos?

Editing videos on a MacBook Pro with a grilled cheese and a cup of coffee.

For video editing, you'll need a powerful processor. If that's the case, choose as Intel Core i7 or AMD Ruzen 7 processor and 16GB RAM. This way, you can be sure that you can run editing software without your laptop slowing down. With a dedicated video card, you don't have to wait as long for videos to render, but it isn't necessary..

  • At least an Intel Core i7 or AMD Ryzen 7 processor.
  • At least 16GB RAM.
  • At least a 15-inch (38cm screen size) Full HD screen.

Our advice for video editing

Powerful enough for video editing | Intel Core i7 - 16GB - 512GB SSD | Foldable screen with touch
temporarily sold out
  • Flip the touchscreen 360 degrees to use the laptop as a tablet.
  • This laptop is powerful enough for video editing and multitasking with demanding programs.
  • You can edit your videos in detail on the Full HD screen.
  • On this laptop, you can't play games like Fortnite or Call of Duty.

Our advice for gaming

Powerful enough for gaming | Intel Core i7 - 16GB - 1TB SSD | NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 video card
in stock
  • This laptop is powerful enough for gaming at high settings.
  • On the 144Hz screen, fast-moving images are displayed smoothly on the screen.
  • This laptop is powerful enough for demanding programs and multitasking.
  • The battery of this laptop only lasts a couple of hours when gaming.
  • This laptop produces sound with intensive tasks like gaming.

Our advice for business use

Suitable for business use | Intel Core i5 - 16GB - 512GB SSD | NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 Max-Q video card
temporarily sold out
  • Thanks to Windows 10 Pro, your files are better protected.
  • You can easily log in to a different computer within your domain with Remote Desktop.
  • This laptop isn't powerful enough for video editing.

Personal advice in the stores

Try laptop in the store.

Do you want to hold or test your potential new laptop first? Or would you like personal advice from an expert on which laptop best suits your needs? Make an appointment to visit our store. We'll take our time to help you out. And if you've made up your mind, we'll set up your new laptop for you right away.

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