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What laptop suits you?

You're looking for a new laptop. Whether you want to be the hero of your favorite game, put together the best presentations, or edit your holiday photos, your laptop should suit you. But how do you find the one? We'll help you choose the notebook that suits your usage situation.

Internet, email, and text processing

Excel on HP laptop. Laptop is standing on desk in office.

You can type a report or send an email from any laptop. Streaming movies and music isn't a problem either. If you only use your laptop for simple tasks, you can also use a smaller budget. Choose a Chromebook or a laptop with a cheaper processor, like a Celeron or Pentium.

  • Every processor
  • 2GB RAM or more
  • Every inch size

Video editing

To edit videos, you need a bit more power. A powerful processor is necessary if you don't want to spend time waiting for your video to render. If you want even more graphic power so your images flow smoothly, a dedicated video card can offer the solution, but it's not a requirement to edit videos.

  • At least an Intel Core i7 or AMD Ryzen 7 processor
  • At least 8GB RAM
  • At least a Full HD screen

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