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Which laptop inch size fits my usage situation?

One laptop is not the other. They are all different in size, thickness and weight. There are so many different types of laptops that it is sometimes difficult to orientate yourself. Especially if you don't know which size best suits what you want to do with the laptop. On this page you can read which inch format suits your usage situation.

Choose laptop inch size

Which inch size suits you depends on several factors. To make a good decision, it's useful to ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is a large screen important or rather a smaller screen?
  • Do I take my laptop with me a lot or do I mainly work at a fixed location?

10-inch laptops

Woman puts a 10-inch laptop in a handbag with a mouse.

10-inch laptops are the smallest sized laptops. That makes them ideal for on the road, because these laptops weigh less than a kilogram. Working out notes or watching a YouTube video on the go is great on these laptops. However, if you want to use programs that require sharp images or powerful hardware, then you don't want a 10-inch laptop. In that case it is smart to buy a larger and more powerful laptop.

11-inch laptops

Man works on 11-inch laptop behind a desk and has a coffee.

Just like their little 10-inch brothers, 11-inch laptops are especially useful if you travel a lot. This size laptops is also lightweight and therefore ideal for use in, for example, the train. In terms of hardware, these laptops are not high-flyers, just like the 10-inch variants, so photo editing or more demanding tasks are not reserved for the 11-inch laptops. Checking your Facebook timeline, surfing the web or watching your favorite YouTube channel, these laptops are going great.

12-inch laptops

A 12-inch laptop on a desk with a mouse and pen next to it.

Do you do more with your laptop than home-garden-and-kitchen use and you also travel a lot, then you end up with for example 12-inch laptops. The powerful hardware ensures that you also perform heavier tasks on the laptop. Think of photo or video editing or sketching ideas on a touchscreen. Just like the smaller laptops, a 12-inch laptop is handy to take to, for example, college or your work.

13-inch laptops

Man is working on a 13-inch laptop in coffee house with plant in the background.

From 13-inch laptops you can speak of a fully-fledged notebook with sufficient screen space. This format is convenient to take with you and use on the road, but also to place on location and work there. There are 13-inch laptops from simple versions to luxury models with powerful hardware. Whether you use it for e-mailing, watching films or doing graphic work: there is a 13-inch laptop for everyone.

14-inch laptops

Woman holds 14-inch laptop with one hand, has the other on her hip.

The screen of 14-inch laptops is slightly larger than an A4. Handy for traveling and at the same time certainly suitable for use at your desk. A 14-inch is the size for you when you find 13-inch too small and 15-inch laptops too colossal. What do you use them for? For photo and video editing, watching movies or simply getting rid of your inbox. As with the 13-inch models, there is always a 14-inch that meets your requirements.

15-inch laptops

Woman works on 15-inch laptop with coffee cup next to her.

15-inch laptops are the most popular laptop format. Unlike smaller laptops, they are more difficult to carry, but at a fixed location you have a much larger screen to work on. These laptops are suitable for the simplest or most demanding tasks. So whether you watch or make videos, are a gamer or perhaps want to explore virtual reality, with a 15-inch laptop you are in the right place for every task.

17-inch laptops

Woman is working on a 17-inch laptop with various accessories on her desk.

The largest format laptops. If you want to use the laptop primarily in one place and you want a screen as large as possible, a 17-inch is for you. The large screen makes these notebooks ideal for working with 2 windows next to each other. Do you want to play your favorite games or watch a movie on a screen as large as possible, even then a 17-inch format is what you want. Just not exactly easy to take with you.

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