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Which MacBook is suitable for students?

As a student, you need a laptop. Not just for doing homework, but, more importantly, for your free time as well. Of course, when you're done with your school work, you should reward yourself with a fun show or game. Which MacBook is suitable, though? I'll tell you.

Do you fit this profile?

MacBook Air

As a student, I need a laptop, and not just for school, but for my free time as well. For school, I do online research, write a report, write a summary of my textbooks for an exam, or make a presentation in PowerPoint. Magister is a commonly used program to upload assignments, view schedules and grades, and download files uploaded by teachers. After school, my laptop still doesn't get a break. In my free time, I stream my favorite Netflix show or play games like Fortnite and Minecraft. And of course, when I get back from vacation, I make a quick aftermovie to share on social media.

In short

Do you fit the above profile? In that case, you can check the table to see the minimum specs you'll need for your use.

Suggested model

What do you get when you add up all these specs? Apple MacBook Air 13-inch 2017. This MacBook is suitable for all my daily tasks, both at school and at home.

Specifications explained

Still not sure of your choice? In that case, you might like to know why certain specifications are, or aren't, important to you. What exactly is an M3 or i5 processor, and what is an integrated video card. You can read it here.


Word on MacBook Air

While I browse I have 20 tabs open. I also listen to music, watch a show on Netflix, and follow my favorite vloggers on YouTube. So I do quite a lot at once. That's why I need a MacBook that's powerful enough for multitasking. An i5 is powerful and suitable for browsing and for my study purposes. I can also watch movies and series and play games in Full HD, and edit the occasional photo. An M3 processor is also an option. It's more energy-efficient than an i5. It does have 30 percent less power than an i processor, though. I won't notice it when I'm browsing, but I will when I'm using many programs at the same time.


MacBook Air

The RAM, also known as internal memory, affects how fast my MacBook works. Generally, the bigger the RAM, the faster my MacBook works. For basic use like internet browsing, text processing, email, and social media, I don't need a lot of RAM. 4GB should be enough for that. If I want to do everything at once, and maybe play a game and do some basic photo editing as well, I'll need 8GB. That's good, because MacBooks have at least 8GB of RAM.


MacBook hard drive

My MacBook has an SSD. Laptops with an HDD are a lot slower than those with an SSD. My MacBook boots in a few seconds. On average, a laptop with an SSD is 5 to 6 times faster than one with an HDD. I also choose enough storage space, because full is full. Of course, I can also choose to use an external hard drive. For basic use like internet browsing, text processing, email, etc., 128GB of storage is enough. If I also watch a lot of series and movies, often play games, and listen to a lot of music, 256GB of storage space would be better.

Video card

MacBook Air display

An integrated (or shared) video card is, as the name suggests, integrated in the processor or motherboard. A dedicated video card has its own memory, but a shared video card uses my MacBook's RAM. An integrated video card doesn't have its own memory, but cleverly distributes the RAM among all the open programs. An integrated video card is suitable for everyday internet use, Office applications, school work, and playing low-end games.

Screen size

MacBook Air collection

My screen size depends on how I use my MacBook. If I spend a lot of time on the road and often bring my MacBook to school, I wouldn't need more than 12 or 13 inches. Do I not need to bring my MacBook to school, but only use it at home to do homework, and often play games and watch series? In that case, I prefer a larger, 15-inch screen. That makes it a little more comfortable to watch a movie.

Which MacBook is suitable for students?

If you're a studen looking for a MacBook, it has to have the following:

  • An M3 or i5 processor
  • At least 8GB RAM
  • A storage capacity of 128 or 256GB
  • Storage with SSD
  • An integrated video card
  • A screen size of 12, 13, or 15 inches
  • Microsoft Office software package

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