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5 ways to make your laptop faster

Sometimes it seems like it takes hours before your laptop starts. Opening programs is not too fast either. If your laptop is slow, you can solve it yourself through a number of useful tricks. On this page, we've listed 5 ways to make your laptop faster.

1. Replace your HDD with an SSD

An SSD of WD.

A 'normal' hard drive (or HDD) starts your laptop a lot slower than an SSD. Often, it takes longer than a minute, while an SSD often takes no more than 15 seconds. In addition, loading programs and transferring files takes a long time; an SSD does this 5 times faster, on average. If you replace the hard drive with an SSD, your laptop will be a lot faster and it will run as new again.

2. Expand the RAM

Coolblue expert puts an extra RAM slot in a laptop.

The RAM of your laptop determines how fast your laptop performs tasks. Many programs are getting more demanding so it's possible that your RAM is no longer sufficient and your laptop has gotten slow. Or you perform tasks on your laptop that the RAM can't handle. That's why it's nice to know that you can expand or replace the RAM.

3. Clean up your laptop

Trash icon on Windows laptop highlighted.

After a while, your laptop is full of programs you may not use at all. A hard drive or SSD that's too full can cause your laptop to work slower. Clearing up your laptop by removing unused programs is definitely a good option to make your laptop faster.

4. Start up faster

Task manager on a Windows 10 laptop.

One of the reasons your laptop starts so slowly is because of the programs that start automatically when Windows does. Often, you don't realize that these programs are running, but they do take up RAM, which makes your laptop slower. Fortunately, you can decide yourself which programs you want to start alongside Windows, and which ones you want to disable completely.

5. Reinstall Windows

Reinstall Windows 10.

Want to make your laptop faster, but don't want to spend money on parts? You always have the option to reinstall Windows if your laptop is slow. It's a bit of work and it requires a lot of preparation, but this way you can solve many problems and make your laptop faster than before.

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