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What should I keep in mind when moving my fridge?

When you move a refrigerator, it is important that you empty the refrigerator, defrost the freezer compartment and secure the parts. In addition, it is important that you move the refrigerator upright so that the device does not suffer any damage. In this article I explain you step by step how to do this best.

Step 1: empty the refrigerator

Fridge and cooler

First of all, make sure that your refrigerator is empty. Keep your food temporarily in another refrigerator or a cooler with cooling elements. In the winter it is also possible to temporarily store the food outside.

Step 2: Defrost the freezer

Empty freezer compartment

If your fridge has a freezer compartment, you'll have to defrost it before you move it. Depending on the size of the freezer compartment, defrosting might take a few hours. Make sure to defrost the freezer compartment a day in advance.

Step 3: securing parts

Fridge without a plateau

Make sure that loose parts do not slide, so that your refrigerator does not suffer any damage. Remove the drawers and the carrying platforms or stick them with tape or tape. Secure the refrigerator door with a strap so that it remains closed during transport. You tie the cord with a rope. This way you prevent the cord from getting into something and getting damaged.

Step 4: transport

Hand truck

You should preferably move a refrigerator upright with a hand truck or sling. When you move it diagonally or horizontally, oil gets into the compressor. If you then turn on the refrigerator immediately, the compressor compresses the oil, causing damage. Therefore, after moving, wait 4 hours until you switch on the appliance.

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