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How do you use Remote Desktop in Windows 10?

Windows 10 Pro has been outfitted with a Remote Desktop application. This allows you to remotely connect to a different computer. This mostly comes in handy when you need to work from home for a day. But how do you use Remote Desktop, and how do you set it up? I'll explain it in this article.

What do you need?

  • A Windows 10 laptop or computer
  • A computer with Windows 10 at the office
  • An internet connection

Step 1: allowing external connections

Remote Desktop settings in Windows.

Since external connections are not allowed by default, you'll first need to allow them. Enter 'external connections' in the search bar and select 'allow external connections.' After that, click on 'allow external connections' and choose the option to only allow connections via Remote Desktop. This is an extra safety measure. Afterward, click on apply and finally click on ok.

Stp 2: disabling sleep mode

Sleep settings in Windows.

To fully utilize Remote Desktop, it's important to disable sleep mode. This way, you're sure that the PC, if it's turned on, won't go into sleep mode. Navigate to 'Settings,' then go to 'System' and 'Power and Sleep.' Once you're there, go the Sleep mode and click both options that say 'never.' This way, you're computer will never go into sleep mode.

Step 3: connecting to your PC at work

Remote Desktop application in Windows start menu.

If you want to receive access to a different PC, you'll need to know the PC's name. Write down the name of the PC you want to connect to, or retrieve the computer's IP address. Afterward, go to the search bar,enter 'Remote Desktop,' and open the application. Once you're there, enter the PC's name or IP address, and enter the username that you would usually use to log in on the relevant computer. Once you're done, click 'connect.'

Step 4: getting started

Connect to Remote Desktop on Windows.

Before you get started, it's possible that you'll receive a Windows safety notification. This is related to the fact that you're connecting to your computer from a different location. If you're shown this screen, select 'I still want to connect.' If you've correctly followed the steps above, you'll now see your work PC's desktop and you can get started.

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