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Compare Ring Video Doorbell with Nest Hello

You are looking for a smart doorbell and you're torn between the Ring Video Doorbell Pro and the Nest Hello. Logical. Both doorbells are smart and have (approximately) the same price. At first glance it is not clear which one to choose. In this article we compare the doorbells so that you come to the best smart doorbell for you.

Ring Video Doorbell Pro

  • Smart doorbell
  • Two-way audio and video
  • Receiver on smartphone
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  • A standard indoor receiver is included with the Ring Pro.
  • You connect the Ring Pro to the wiring of your current doorbell.
  • When someone rings the bell, you get a notification on your smartphone via the app.
  • Image material is easily stored in the cloud. To look back on these images, you pay an average annual contribution of € 30.

Nest Hello

  • Slimme deurbel
  • Terugspreekfunctie en beeld
  • Ontvanger op smartphone
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  • Via the Nest app on your smart device you can see and talk to your visitor anywhere and anytime.
  • The sound is crystal clear thanks to the noise and echo canceling.
  • The 4:3 HD camera shows your visitor from head to toe and thanks to the HDR quality, the image is very sharp (during the day and in the evening).
  • The Nest Hello needs the right cables, bell, and transformer. As this installation is technical, we recommend using a professional installer.

In short

Ring Video Doorbell Pro Nest Hello
Power supply Wired connection (16V AC - 24V AC) Wired connection (16V AC - 24V AC)
Video quality 1920x1080 1600x1200, HDR
Night vision Yes Yes
Audio Two-way communication with noise canceling Two-way communication with noise and echo canceling, Plays recorded messages.
Dimensions 11.4x4.7x2cm 11.7x4.3x2.6cm
Installation Advice: easy to assemble yourself. Advice: install by a professional installer.
Subscription Ring Video Recording | 2 variants | Costs: from € 30 - € 100 per year. Nest Aware subscription | 3 variants | Costs: from € 50 - € 300 per year.

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