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Compare the Ring Video Doorbell Pro to the Nest Hello

You want to buy a smart doorbell and can't decide between the Ring Video Doorbell Pro and the Nest Hello. That makes sense, since both are smart doorbells and they cost about the same. Still, there are notable differences like ease of installation and image quality. In this article, we'll discuss more important differences so you can choose the best doorbell for you.

Ring Video Doorbell Pro

Smart doorbell + doorbell chime | Dual band WiFi | Video recording for events
no longer available
  • Thanks to the included receiver, you'll hear a signal at a fixed place in the house when someone rings the bell.
  • You connect the Ring Pro to the wiring of your current doorbell.
  • When someone rings the bell, you'll get a notification on your smartphone via the app.
  • You can easily store recordings in the cloud. To review the footage, you have to pay a subscription fee of about € 30 per year.
  • This doorbell can be tricky to install, so we also offer an installation service in the most part of the Netherlands.

Nest Hello

Slimme deurbel | Terugspreekfunctie en beeld | Ontvanger op smartphone
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  • Via the Nest app on your smart device you can see and talk to your visitor anywhere and anytime.
  • The sound is crystal clear thanks to the noise and echo canceling.
  • The 4:3 HD camera shows your visitor from head to toe and thanks to the HDR quality, the image is very sharp (during the day and in the evening).
  • This doorbell can be tricky to install, so we also offer this doorbell with installation in the most part of the Netherlands.
  • To use all features, you need a Google Nest Aware subscription. This subscription is available from € 50 per year.

The main differences between Ring Pro and Nest Hello

Ring Video Doorbell Pro Nest Hello
Image quality 1920x1080 1600x1200, HDR
Subscription costs From € 30 From € 50
Dimensions 11.4x4.7x2cm 11.7x4.3x2.6cm
Accessories Ring Chime and colored front plates No accessories
Setup Technical knowledge required Technical knowledge required

Image quality

Image quality Ring Pro

Ring Pro: 1920x1080

The Ring Video Doorbell Pro produces high quality videos. You can view video footage via the app in HD quality with a resolution of 1920x1080 pixels. This means faces are very clearly recognizable. The horizontal viewing angle of 160 degrees provides a wide field of view, so you can be sure that you'll always see visitors at your door. Because the night vision is of good quality, you can also see who's ringing in the dark.

Image quality Nest Hello

Nest Hello: 1600x1200 and HDR

The Nest Hello has a somewhat better image quality than the Ring Pro. Because the Nest Hello features HDR, details and contrasts are a bit more visible with this doorbell. This is especially useful if the sun is shining bright and there's a lot of backlight. The horizontal viewing angle is the same as with the Ring Pro, but the vertical viewing angle is larger. As a result, the person at the door will almost completely be in focus.


Ring Protect subscription

Ring Pro: watch recorded videos longer for € 3 per month

You need a Ring Protect subscription from Ring to view your recorded videos in the cloud. There are 2 options that allow you to view footage of the last 60 days, which is twice that of Nest Aware. The Basic subscription costs € 3 per month. The Plus subscription costs € 10 per month. This more expensive subscription allows you to review footage from more than one Ring product, which is useful if you also have Ring security cameras.

Nest Aware subscription

Nest Hello: facial recognition for € 5 per month

To activate the facial recognition of your Nest Hello and view recorded videos, you need a Nest Aware subscription. You can choose from 3 options, which range from € 5 per month to € 30 per month. The more expensive the subscription, the more days you will be able to view in the cloud afterwards. For € 5 per month, you can only view the past 5 days. Each Nest Aware subscription allows you to connect multiple Nest products.


Ring Chime

Ring Pro: Ring Chime and colored front plates

The Ring Video Doorbell Pro includes a Ring Chime. This is a wireless receiver that you plug into a socket somewhere in the house. Thanks to this receiver, you can hear a signal in the house when someone rings the doorbell, just like with a standard doorbell. This is specially useful if you don't have a phone nearby. The Ring Pro also has 4 colored front plates, which means you can decide what your doorbell looks like.

Nest Hello without accessories

Nest Hello: No accessories

The Nest Hello doesn't include accessories. In addition, it isn't possible to use separate receiver. If you want to hear a signal in the house when someone rings the bell, you need a linkable device with a speaker. Think of the Google Nest Hub, for example. The Nest Hello also doesn't include additional front plates. The doorbell is only available in one color.

Smart Home integration

Amazon Alexa

Ring Pro: Amazon Alexa

Ring doorbells are part of Amazon. This means the Ring Pro works best with Amazon Alexa. You also use the doorbell with the online service IFTTT and with Samsung SmartThings. Integration with Google Assistant is possible, but works less smoothly.

Google Assistant

Nest Hello: Google Assistant

The Nest Hello is a Google product. As a result, this doorbell works best with Google Assistant. IFTT is also an option. It's possible to use certain features of Amazon Alexa, but the doorbell lives up to its full potential with Google Assistant. You can connect the doorbell to various other smart products and control everything via the Assistant.


Although both doorbells are very similar, there are some differences. For a sharper image, larger viewing angle, and facial recognition, choose the Nest Hello. Do you want lower subscription costs and a wireless receiver at home? Choose the Ring Video Doorbell Pro. When making your choice, also take into account which smart home platform you prefer: Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

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