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What's a Ring doorbell?

The Ring is a doorbell with which you are in remote contact with visitors in front of the door. Via the app on your smartphone you communicate directly with the person who rings the doorbell at your house. On this page we will tell you exactly how the Ring Video doorbell works and what you can do with it.

Advantages of the Ring doorbell

  • Communicate directly with the visitor at your door from any location
  • The integrated camera offers razor-sharp images.
  • Video recordings at 1 press of a button.
  • The large viewing angle of the doorbell gives you a wide overview.
  • Monitor all of your surroundings with the expansion options.

How does it work?

The doorbells from Ring use WiFi. You connect the doorbell to the WiFi network in the house and download the free Ring app on your smartphone or tablet. When someone rings the bell or when the motion detector detects motion, you will receive a push message. In the app you can see exactly who is at your door. When you are not at home, you communicate with visitors via the app or you make a video of the person at your doorstep.

What are the possibilities?


Because you can see exactly who's at your door via the app on your smartphone, you don't have to open the door when somebody rings the bell. If you hear the doorbell, you can first open the app and let the person at the door know you're coming. You could of course also politely ask your visitor to leave.

Remote control and use

You control and use the doorbell remotely via the app on your smartphone. This applies to all connected Ring products. Do you have several Ring products in-house, such as security cameras? Then you set an individual name for each device in the app and immediately view all the images of your doorbell and cameras.

Sound at home also

As soon as someone presses the push button of the Ring, you will receive a push message on your smartphone. To also hear a sound signal in the house, you have 2 options. Use the Ring Chime for a wireless connection to the doorbell. You put this receiver in a wall socket, after which it makes a noise when someone rings the bell. Please note that the Chime is not always included. For a wired solution, connect the doorbell to the existing wiring at your front door. This requires some technical knowledge.

Save videos in the cloud

You save the footage of your Ring doorbell with the Ring Protect app. You need a subscription for this. You then pay a monthly or annual contribution. With this option you have a personal account where images can be found for up to 60 days. There are 2 different subscriptions:

Ring Protect Basic

€ 3 per month or € 30 per year

  • Storage capacity in the cloud
  • Watch videos of visitors you missed
  • Share videos via social media
  • Connect 1 Ring doorbell or camera

Ring Protect Plus

€ 10 per month or € 100 per year

  • Storage capacity in the cloud
  • Watch videos of visitors you missed
  • Share videos via social media
  • Connect an unlimited number of Ring cameras

Properties of the Ring 2

Smart doorbell | Two-way audio and video | Receiver on smartphone
no longer available

The Ring Deurbel 2 has a stable 2.4 GHz WiFi connection. The image with night vision is razor-sharp with 1080p HD quality, both during the day and in the dark. You can speak directly to the visitor via the app via the talk-back function. The rechargeable battery is easy to replace. In addition, the Ring has 2 interchangeable fronts, with which you determine the color of the doorbell.

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