Written by Jimmy

The image on my screen has rotated, how do I put it back?

Does your desktop suddenly show up rotated 90 degrees? Chances are your colleague is trying to prank you, or that you accidentally hit a wrong key combination. We'll tell you how to set your screen to horizontal mode again.

Method 1: the keyboard combination

Keyboard combination rotate screen.

The fastest way to set your screen to horizontal mode again is by using a handy keyboard combination. Did your screen rotate? Use the following keyboard combination:

  • Press Ctrl + Alt + up key

Do you want to rotate your screen, because you're using a vertical monitor, for example? Use one of the following keyboard combinations:

  • Press Ctrl + Alt + right key
  • Press Ctrl + Alt + left key

Method 2: the display settings menu

Graphical options menu.

Doesn't the key combination work? Use your mouse and try the following:

  • Go to your desktop
  • Click the desktop with your right mouse key
  • Go to Display settings
  • Go to Rotate
  • Click Rotate 0 degrees

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