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How do I extend the battery life of my Android tablet?

You sit back on your couch in the evening, ready to watch the latest episode of your favorite series, only to find out your tablet is empty again, even though you only used it to scroll through your Facebook timeline for a bit during the day. A tablet with an empty battery is never convenient. That's why I've gathered a few tips you can use to extend your Android tablet's battery life.

Extend battery life

The most effective way to extend your tablet's battery life is by switching off things you don't use but that run in the background by default. Apps try to trace your location, the screen often automatically adjusts its brightness, and apps continuously synchronize to give you notifications as quickly as possible. This all significantly impacts battery life, and it only gets worse the longer you use your tablet. Below, there are 4 ways to combat this.

1. Turn off your location services

Disable location

The location services on your tablet are often switched on by default. This way, your tablet can communicate your location to any installed app. For example, Buienradar can see where you are, so you'll know when to bring an umbrella. Unfortunately, this does demand a lot from your battery, while a lot of apps can also manually determine your location if necessary. Go to Settings, Personal (and, depending on your Android version, to Privacy). Set your location services on "Battery Saving mode"/"Saving battery".

2. Lower the screen brightness

Decrease screen brightness

If the screen of your tablet is on, it continuously emits a large amount of light. The brightness of the screen is adjusted to the ambient light, but you can often lower it. Go to Display. Uncheck the Auto box and select the right brightness yourself. If you drag down from the top of your screen, you open a menu that allows you to adapt the brightness.

3. Limit automatic synchronization

Turn off automatic synchronization

Often have a packed notification bar on your tablet? Chances are that a lot of apps synchronize automatically in the background. This puts a lot of strain on the battery. You can switch this off or adjust it. Go to Settings and to Accounts. Press More in the upper-right corner, or select the three dots and disable automatic synchronization. Are you going for precision work? Select an account and manually select what you want and don't want to synchronize automatically.

4. Turn Bluetooth and WiFi off


Keeping a constant WiFi connection takes up a lot of energy. Same for Bluetooth; even when you don't have an active connection, this takes up power. Disable functions when you don't use them. Note you won't get notifications of new emails and apps without an active WiFi connection. If this is something you don't mind, go to Settings via WLAN/WiFi - Advanced/More (or the sprocket at the top-right) and select you don't want to keep WiFi on in sleep mode.

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