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Tips for vlogging about food and drinks

How nice is it to share your passion for cooking with the outside world by filming your culinary delights. Include your homemade recipe and tell how the viewer can make this delicious dish yourself at home. In this article you will read more about how to approach this and what you need.

Tip 1. Select the correct camera

Choose the right camera

While recording a food vlog, you not only want to film yourself while you are cooking, but also zoom in on the dish. An SLR camera is suitable for this type of vlog. You can change lenses, place the camera on a tripod and attach an external microphone to the device.

Tip 2. Change lens

Change lens

When you show dishes, you want the viewer to get a taste of the delicious dish that you prepare. Detailed shots with a lot of depth of field are indispensable here. A macro lens with a fixed focal length is very suitable for this. Of course you also want a total shot of yourself in the kitchen with all the ingredients on the counter top. You can easily make this with a wide-angle lens.

Tip 3. Create the correct exposure

Create correct exposure

To get food in the picture tastefully, nature and night light give the best result. Are not you completely satisfied? Then you can easily adjust the color, direction and strength of the light by using a reflection screen. When you record food vlogs in the evenings, use a so-called continuous light that imitates daylight.

Tip 4. Use a tripod

Using a tripod

Use an adjustable tripod when recording food vlogs. You need both hands to prepare your culinary dishes. By using a tripod your camera is also immediately stable.

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