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What is a blue light filter?

A monitor produces different light colors, one of which is blue light. People are sensitive for the artificial blue light coming from screens. To prevent issues such as irritated eyes, headaches, or sleeplessness, a monitor with a blue light filter is a good solution.

Reduce blue light of your monitor

Reduce blue light monitor

To prevent issues as a result of blue light, almost all LCD or LED monitors have a blue light filter. This is an integrated screen technology which you can use to filter the blue light from your screen. This is ideal if you use the screen for a long time or if you look at the screen in a dark environment.

What exactly does the blue light filter do?

Blue light filter

The blue light filter provides a slightly more 'orange' glow across your screen, which makes the colors appear softer and warmer. Because the artificial blue light can cause eye issues, headaches, and sleeplessness. An older but working solution are screen glasses. These have an orange color and filter blue light from the screen light. With a monitor with blue light filter, you don't need these glasses. The monitor solves this problem with the integrated settings.

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