Written by Caitlin

What is Bosch Home Connect?

With the Bosch Home Connect app, you control your washing machine remotely wherever and whenever you want. You can set up your washing machine via the app on your smartphone or tablet and see exactly when the program has finished. In this article, you can read what the app does and what the benefits are.

What does Bosch Home Connect do?

Home Connect app on a smartphone

Bosch Home Connect is an app that allows you to control your washing machine via your smartphone or tablet. In the app, you can see which wash cycles are available and how long the washing machine is still running. With the EasyStart function, you answer a few questions about the laundry, for example about the color or fabric. The app then chooses the best cycle for you.

What do I get from the Bosch Home Connect app?

Operating via app button on display washing machine

With the Home connect app, you can operate your Bosch washing machine wherever and whenever you want. Are you leaving work early? The app allows you to choose when the cycle starts, so your clothes don't remain in the drum long after washing. You can also see in the app how long it takes for the cycle to end. This is useful, because you no longer have to walk to the washing machine to check if it's done.

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