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What is induction cooking?

Cooking on an induction cooktop has become increasingly popular in recent years. This form of electric cooking isn't only very fast, but also safe and economical. In this article, I explain what induction cooking is, what the pros and cons are, and what you need for it.

What is induction cooking?

Pan on an induction cooktop

With induction cooking, not the cooktop, but the pan itself is heated. If the cooktop is on but there's no pan on it, nothing happens. If you remove your pan from the cooktop after cooking, it switches off automatically. After cooking, the cooktop does have some residual heat, but it cools down quickly. An induction cooktop heats your pan quickly, but because you choose the setting yourself, an induction cooktop is also suitable for when you want to slowly simmer food.


  • You lose little energy because only the pan is heated.
  • The cooktop cools quickly after use and switches off when there's no pan on it.
  • The cooktop is quick and easy to clean.
  • The induction cooktop heats your pan quickly.


  • You need a connector that can supply enough electricity.
  • You need pans that are suitable for an induction cooktop.
  • Not very suitable for stir-fry meals.
  • Is often a bit more expensive than other types of cooktops.

What kind of connector do I need?

Connector induction cooktop

Because an induction cooktop requires a lot of power, it is important that you have a cooker circuit that provides sufficient electricity. If this isn't present in your home, you can have it installed. I advise you to have this done by an electrician, because it's a dangerous job if you don't understand it. There are also a few cooktops that can be used with a regular socket, but these are much less powerful.

Which pans do I need?

Pans on a cooktop

In addition, it's important to have pans that are suitable for induction. The bottom of the pan must be magnetic so that it makes contact with the cooktop and thus becomes hot. It's also important that the bottom of your pans is straight. If you've cooked on gas, chances are that the bottom of your pan is slightly distorted and is therefore not recognized by the cooktop. That's why I recommend to purchase induction pans. These don't have to be very expensive and we also carry them in our assortment.

Do not know if you want induction or ceramic?

Ceramic cooktop

Induction and ceramic both fall under an electric hob. Yet there are differences between these 2 types. An induction cooker heats up much faster, is more energy-efficient and is safer because the plate cools down again at the end. You do not need special pans for a ceramic hob. However, this hob needs time before it is hot and stays hot for a long time after cooking.

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