Self-driving bike

Product information

Pros and cons

According to our Coolblue's must-have expert
  • Pros:
    Convenient when you've had a few too many drinks.
  • Pros:
    You'll no longer get stuck in the tram tracks and fall flat on your face.
  • Pros:
    You can finally ride your own bike rear rack backwards.
  • Con:
    It doesn't have a roof.
  • Con:
    Laptop mount not included.

Product description

Of course, you're an expert cyclist. But the people around you simply aren't. Fortunately, Google has this new thing. The self-driving bike. This bike recognizes its surroundings and automatically thinks of what it needs to do when there's a tram heading your way, for example. Lost your bike again? Simply send it a message using the app and it'll come straight to you. It's kind of like KITT from Knight Rider. Only it's a bike. And it doesn't talk back.



Product number
2 years
Warranty type
Carry-in warranty