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Behind the Scenes - PHP

We invited Thijs Feryn (Technical Evangelist) to come over and share his thoughts on PHP 7. Next to that our own Sander Bol will share some lessons learnt in scaling our code review process.

Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Walk-in & food
Welcome & introduction
'Scaling our Code Reviewing' by Sander Bol, PHP Developer
As Coolblue's growth started accelerating rapidly we faced challenges in maintaining the quality of our codebase. In this session we'll share some of the lessons we learned about using code review as a way to keep developers sharp, bug-count low and stakeholders happy.
'What's new in PHP 7?' by Thijs Feryn, Technical Evangelist at Combell and leads the PHPBenelux community
PHP 7 is out there and it has been for 6 months now. And before that there was 12 years of PHP 5. Thijs will talk about the new features, the breaking changes, the power and the performance of this PHP version. He will also explain why there is no PHP 6 and how PHP 7 is yet another evolution in the ever increasing maturity of PHP since 5.3.
Tour of our office

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